Whitney Wolfe Gets Glamorous For Wedding, Speaks Her Mind And Knocks Tinder Out Of Top Spot

Whitney Wolfe heard has been able to pursue a career and do what she wanted to do even though there has been a lot of opposition coming her way. She has managed to create a very interesting life for herself, and everything from her personal life to her business affairs have been getting a great amount of attention.

Fans of the entrepreneur that got married recently can check pictures and acquire the story to the fairy tale with her husband Michael Herd and the Vogue magazine. The 2017 article highlights the love affair that begin for Whitney Wolfe in 2013. Vogue highlights the glamorous dress that she wore for her wedding, but the magazine also gives the backstory of Whitney Wolfe and Michael Herd, oil and gas entrepreneur and restaurant business man.

There has been so much talk about this union that it has appeared to be much like that of a celebrity couple. This is the type of buzz that has been generated about Whitney Wolfe because she has done so much to inspire a world of women that are interested in building businesses for themselves.

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Whitney Wolfe has managed to do well herself by creating the type of life that has allowed her to speak her mind and voice her opinions even when the rest of the world has remained silent.

What Whitney Wolfe represents is a whole new nation of women that are not afraid to stand up because they are in positions of leadership and ownership. With her company she has gained a powerful business player position because she did not cower down and step back when she was working with another company that she helped create. A lot of women have seen this as motivation because they have been in positions where they feel that they cannot talk about sexual harassment for the fear of getting fired.

Whitney Wolfe gained a lot of attention when she decided to file a sexual harassment lawsuit at a company that she helped create. This was tide changing lawsuit where she would break ties with what was once the top dating app for the young single women. It appears that Whitney Wolfe acquired justice with her lawsuit, and there’s also a bit of sweet revenge that comes from knocking Tinder from the top spot. For dating apps users Bumble is clearly the better choice for women that want something different.

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