People Can Age In A Healthy Way According To Jason Hope

When people hear the term “healthy aging”, they might scoff and even call it an oxymoron. For one thing, it is common knowledge that the health of a human diminishes with age. However, it is important to know that there are a ton of conditions that are often associated with age that do not need to occur and the medical industry has methods of treating them that could use a lot of improvement. This is a fact that is pointed out by Jason Hope. He has a lot of insight on what it could take to be healthy.

Jason Hope is very sympathetic to people who are suffering from issues like arthritis. As a matter of fact, he wants to do more than merely treat the illness. He actually wants to prevent it. Therefore, Hope has made donations to medical companies that are working on advanced ways of treating conditions which include prevention. He has made donations to SENS Foundation. This allows them more room to actually be able to experiment with ways to actually prevent certain illnesses. As medical technology advances, people will experience a more comfortable aging process. Jason Hope himself is being joined by others in the process of bringing forth anti-aging and preventative methods for treatment.

Jason Hope has shown that he has a genuine care for humans. He writes about all of the topics that he believes could help people when it comes to health, technology and safety. He is hoping that he can help humanity become more connected. Jason Hope not only makes donations an participates in many different activities, he also writes online with the purpose of sharing his ideas so that this could inspire people to make contributions to these ideas that are meant to bring humanity into a much brighter future.

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Brad Reifler Tells Investors How They Can Avoid The Real Money Monster

Money Monster, one of the biggest box office hits of 2016 is not fully based on a true story, though some people’s experiences have played into the story that unfolds.

According to Bloomberg, Brad Reifler has seen it and as an investment advisor and business leader who’s familiar with the dealings of Wall Street, he certainly has seen corruption that has played out similarly to the movie.

He’s been working to change the culture surrounding investing, and he took the liberty to tell investors how to avoid the real money monsters out there.

Brad Reifler says first of all that investors should not simply invest in the stock market. It does have high profits for stocks that do well, but it’s also highly risky and could lead to major losses. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

He also says portfolio managers must stop making profits regardless of how well investor funds perform, and calls for greater accountability for them and for investors to do research on their manager. And he also says investors can only truly do well if they stick to their investing goals.

Brad Reifler began his investing career after graduating from Bowdoin College. In 1982, he started Reifler Trading Company which he managed for nearly 20 years. He started as a global derivatives and discretionary funds company and turned it to a large futures investment firm.

He also founded Pali Capital in 1995 and turned that company into an international hedge fund investment company, opening offices in several other countries overseas. He founded Forefront Capital, his current company in 2009 and has setup several subsidiaries along with it.

Brad Reifler started Forefront with the intention of building a portfolio of top 1% clients, but he soon moved to smaller income and unaccredited investors after realizing how important they were to investing.

He worked with the SEC to change regulations allowing unaccredited investors into an alternative fund. A little over a year ago, he established Forefront Income Trust to allow investors to invest in a Fund Shares or IRA for as little as $1,000.

Who’s Chaz Dean and What’s WEN?

You might have seen him on TV commercials ( or have heard of him through one of your friends. Chaz Dean is the creator of the Wen hair care products and can turn an ordinary hairdo into a movie star hairdo. While only a handful of people can get in touch with him for a haircut, you can make your hair look and feel better with his WEN Cleansing Conditioner. If you haven’t heard of the WEN Cleansing Conditioner, then you need to go get a bottle yourself. It’s a five in one formula that you can replace all of your shampoos, stylers, and conditioners with.

The WEN Cleansing Conditioner leaves your hair healthy and shiny as well as more full. Some of the ingredients include Wild Cherry Bark to condition your hair, rosemary extract to soothe it, Panthenol to strengthen, and many more. It’s been reported that people love the shine that it provides and 100% said that their hair was more moisturized within three weeks of using it. Wen products are available on eBay, Guthy-Renker and other online stores.

Chaz Dean was born in Vermont and started at Los Angeles in cosmetics after he saw what he could do with it while taking photo classes. After working for a little while at a salon in LA, he and Nicollette Sheridan found a ton of actors to perform his skills on. He’s improved their hairstyle so much that he had to move to a bigger more disclosed salon and is known for healthy hair.


Fabletics Is Kate Hudson’s Baby

Kate Hudson is the owner of Fabletics, and she is proud of what she has been able to accomplish since she opened the company only a few short years ago. Her ideas for designs are fantastic, and the way that she handles business has given her quite a bit of revenue to deal with. She is all about reverse showroom sales, as in favor of online selling.


The company has a million subscribers already, and that is growing every day. When women subscribe, they can have the fashions delivered right to the door. They will have the ability to accept it or send it back. This way they are getting only what they want.


Since the system that Kate Hudson gathers information about the customers, she already knows what women are looking for in a certain area. She then operates her physical stores by stocking only with items that will sell. Most of the customers that come in the store decide to join the club with Fabletics, and they are extremely happy for doing so. They want to look great, and they love the way the clothing fits them. They look forward to the next designs that Kate Hudson puts out so that they can purchase them as soon as possible.


Lots of great reviews are coming through about Fabletics and Kate Hudson on Krazy Coupon Lady, A Foodie Stays Fit and from Trust Pilot. Women are enjoying the designs, and the fact that they can look great economically, whether they are going out for casual or other attire. They are loving the line because it is something that they will wear because of the marketing that Kate Hudson does.


Women are very pleased with the cost of the clothing, and they are buying them for presents for other women they know too. They are telling their friends all about the company because they are very happy with it. The items are also very easy to clean, and that makes them even more desirable.


In the future, Kate Hudson will open more brick and mortar stores in various locations. The majority of her business will be held online because it is practical, and it offers her the ability to reach more customers quickly and easily.

The Success Pattern of Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc.

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is a decided success in the document verification and sourcing business and is the example for other firms who are involved in the same industry. When you can satisfy customers with the volume of business that Nationwide can produce, you are without question the leader.


Currently, eight out of the top ten leading mortgage and banking retailers in the United States use Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. as their primary source of document procurement and verification. Nationwide enjoys a 99.1 accuracy rate of documents that are delivered. This is an unheard of statistic particularly since Nationwide works with such an overwhelming amount of data each and every day.


Nationwide has access to each county in the United States, which amounts to over 3,400 jurisdictions. Even in situations where documents have been damaged, corrupted, lost, or destroyed, Nationwide has ways do locate and verify the information that was previously on the originals of those documents.


There are two primary reasons for the continued success of Nationwide. One is the company’s marriage to the necessary technology that drives excellence in the process. There would be no way for a company like Nationwide to successfully locate and verify the number of documents that it does without the proper software and facilities to properly use it. Essentially, a digital process speeds up processes and allows for more accurate documentation of the progress of events.


The second reason for the great success that Nationwide has experienced is it’s vibrant, talented and skillful troupe of employees. First of all, they are hired correctly, meaning that the initial search for new people is targeted towards individuals who have has success in the past. People who are good employees in one place usually turn out to be successful throughout their careers, no matter where they work.


Once people are hired, they undergo an intensive training program and are thoroughly trained to meet the high demands of their position. People are also encouraged to take advanced training once they have a certain amount of experience. The advanced training courses help employees to move up in the organization and become cross-trained as well. There are over 100 advance training courses, and it is estimated that 50 percent of employees are involved with those classes at all times.


It is certain that Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. will continue to be the leader in the document verification industry, as their objectives of supreme service to clients will keep them in the forefront for a long time to come.


Factors That Venture Capitalists Like Marc Sparks Look for in Potential Investments

All companies need start-up money to get off the ground and begin operations. On top of this, since many startups are yet to break even or start making profits, they will need to raise funds to finance their operations and keep their doors open. At this point, many companies bring in outside investors to raise venture capital. Therefore, it is essential to know what all venture capitalists such as Marc Sparks consider before investing their money in a company.

  1. Unique and Proprietary Services

Companies with nothing unique to offer the market find it difficult to attract venture capitalists. Since investors look for a high return on their investment, a company producing products that are easily replicated is not going to peak their interest. Startups need to offer something unique and of great value to customers to secure funding.

  1. Proper Use of Sales Data

A company with products in the market should utilize their sales data when sourcing for money to promote their products. Sales data can be used as a proof of demand to sway investors to invest their money.

  1. Have a Clear Cut Strategy

The third but not the least point is the value of a clear cut strategy. A company needs to show potential investors exactly where and how their money will be used to improve operations. A smooth management system should back a sound business idea and implementation strategy.

In the business world, presentations are everything. Giving investors a detailed presentation of how their money will be used to increase sales is crucial. Since presentations and data sway many investors, companies need to spend time and effort in creating an excellent one.

Additionally, a path with a logical progression of how initial funds will be used is enough to secure more operating funds.

Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is a successful venture capitalist and entrepreneur from Austin, Texas. Throughout his illustrious career, Marc has started or supported dozens of successful and not-so-successful startups.

As a result, his 35 years in the industry have made him an expert in the field. He has written a book called “They Can’t Eat You” that reveals his journey from an average high school student to a successful serial entrepreneur.

Marc Sparks has a passion for building companies from the ground. He is known to invest in risky ideas that have a potential for growth and success. He owns a private equity firm called Timber Creek Capital, LP that manages several portfolio companies.

Once he takes up an idea, he establishes an entire company culture around it and develops both long-term and short-term goals. Marc credits his accomplishments to faith, passion, focus, tenacity, a sense of urgency, and savvy monetization.

Squaw Valley Reports Success In Rectifying Water Issues


The Squaw Valley Ski Resort has been extremely open about the issues that have recently been faced with the water quality of a small part of the resort after a major rain event pushed contaminants into four water wells. Squaw Valley Public Relations Director Liesl Kenney recently has been keeping the public, visitors, and local officials updated about the problem that was limited to a small portion of the Upper Mountain of the resort, which does remain open for skiing but has no water supply to make sure all visitors remain as safe as possible throughout their stay at this historic resort.


Placer County in California was the location of a major rain event in November that inundated groundwater wells across the region with contaminated water containing traces of E.Coli and Coliform; Liesl Kenney reports updates to the well water system undertaken in the Summer of 2016 assisted in identifying the water issue through regular testing procedures Squaw Valley maintains at all times. The identification of the contaminants has made it easier for Squaw Valley officials, Placer County Environmental Health Department, and members of the Squaw Valley District to work together to return the water quality to its former safe levels.


Since the identification of the contamination of the portion of the water system serving the destinations of Gold Coast and High Camp Squaw Valley officials have refused to open water supplies until all wells have been restored to safe drinking levels; complimentary bottled water has been made available to those using the slopes of Upper Mountain to make sure the enjoyment of any stay at Squaw Valley remains as impressive as possible.


Officials from Placer County Environmental Health Department have recently stated the level of E.Coli in three of the four contaminated wells has been returned to normal and Coliform levels are being lowered under the plan formulated in association with water experts employed by Squaw Valley to make sure every possible avenue is explored to keep guests safe at all times during their stay.

Vijay Eswaran, a Savvy Businessman

Vijay Eswaran is one of the renowned and successful businessmen located in Malaysia. He was born in 1960 at a place called Penang. Currently, Mr. Eswaran serves as the executive chairman of the prominent QI Group, a company located in Hong Kong, China. Vijay Eswaran studied at the well-known London School of Economics where he managed to graduate in 1984 with a Degree in socio-economics. He then resolved to stay in Europe for one year doing different jobs in the U.K, France and Belgium. While in the United Kingdom, Vijay Eswaran ventured in binary system marketing for some time and later managed to successfully acquire a professional certificate in Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA).

Afterwards, he relocated to America to pursue his Master’s in business administration at the prominent Southern Illinois University. Being a dedicated and committed man, Vijay managed to work while studying and decided to venture in Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). Upon his graduation, Mr. Eswaran moved back to Malaysia where Vijay Eswaran was hired by Cosway’s, an MLM firm. Here he was required to expand all operations of the firm.

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Establishment of QI Group

After serving several high profile jobs in different nations such a stint in IBM, Eswaran decided to start his own company in 1988. He partnered with joseph Bismarck to establish a business venture called QI Group on YouTube. Despite several challenges such as economic crisis, limited connections and capital, QI Group managed to survive. QI Group is a direct selling company that operates in various areas including leisure and lifestyle, education and training, telecommunications and logistics as well as property development and management on Within a decade, the firm launched several offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand. Furthermore, it expanded its presence and operations to more than 30 countries with the help of subsidiaries. Under proper direction, QI Group had massive success and was able to raise an estimate of $750 million in revenue.


Being a generous individual, Mr. Eswaran openly shares his extensive knowledge with others. He is one of the most respected lecturers and motivational speakers in the world in various areas ranging from spirituality to business. His audience have included leadership conferences such as Commonwealth business forums and leading universities around the world.

Sweetgreens Concept to See Continued Growth

Over the past few years, one of the fastest growing restaurant chains in the Northeast United States has been Sweetgreens. This chain, which was started just eight years ago, has quickly grown to over 40 locations across the country. While it has grown in popularity, it has very modest roots.


The chain of restaurants was started by three young adults while they were still in school at Georgetown University. The concept was developed when the three young men were discussing the lack of healthy lunch options on or near campus. As the three students were finishing up their education, they were also developing a detailed business plan, which they were able to share with investors and lenders.


Within a few months of graduating, the three entrepreneurs had open their first sweet greens location. The restaurant chain was an instant success with students as well as other people in the Georgetown area. Within a few years, they had expanded to other areas in Washington DC, New York, and Boston. The company is now looking to expand further into California, Chicago, and other major cities across the nation.


The overall concept of the Sweetgreens brand is pretty simple. The company strives to provide its customers with the highest grade produce and protein as possible. Whenever possible, they attempt to purchase directly from local farmers, which helps to ensure that the products they brush and true to the individual locations of each restaurant.


The company also strives to ensure that they have a strong customer focus at all levels of the organization. While the company now has a big corporate presence. All members of the corporate office are required to spend at least five days per year working in one of the restaurants. This helps to ensure they understand the day-to-day operations of the business.


One of the continued leaders of the company has been Nathaniel Ru. He was one of the original three founders of the restaurant chain and has been very involved in the continued growth and development. Ru sees a considerable amount of potential growth in both their restaurants as well as through their online ordering, mobile application, and website.

The Striking CEO Doe Deere

Doe Deere was born in Russia, and raised in New York City. She is the CEO and founder of Lime Crime cosmetics. She wants to prove that make up does more than cover up imperfections on the face. That make up is a way to express yourself. In 2008, she launched her own line of colorful, cruelty-free cosmetics which are all a part of Lime Crime. Its a bold and striking line of cosmetics that do not get tested on animals with many fans. She chose the name of her business based on her favorite color. She always had a dream to develop lipsticks, eyeshadows, and nail polish that would be fresh and brilliant in color. Doe started out very small, but obtained her business on her own terms. She very much so supports other women owned businesses. She speaks about following your ambition and finding your own voice often. She has spoke about that at public events. Two of them being PHAMExpo, and Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour. She enjoys mentoring other females who want to become entrepreneurs. She invites them to contact her on her Instagram for any advice they may need. Her idea for her make up brand started back in her sewing days. She modeled everything herself, and knew she wanted it all to be colorful, which those colors seem to be hard to come by. She launched Lime Crime in 2008. Her days consist of many meetings, or being spend in a lab with a chemist, and answering emails on her iPhone. She insists on trying out her new products herself, and until she comes up with new products, she waits patiently until an idea comes to her. Before she puts anything into production she says that she must live for it, and feel it. Her business was one of the first to strongly focus on e-commerce. Other companies picked up the idea quickly. Today its something that make up companies almost have to have. Her goal is to create the best interactive shopping experience for her customers. She is generally optimistic in approaching people, and business situations which helps her be more productive. If she could start over again from the beginning of it all, she says she would’ve started her business earlier. She had been carrying the idea around for years before actually doing anything with it. She treats her employees, vendors, and partners with love and respect because everyone wants to be appreciated, which is so true! She seems to have come a long way from where she started, and loves what she does!

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