Easing Traffic Congestion Using Technology

Traffic congestion leads to time wastage and in most cases disruption of a day’s activities. Congestion has too many disadvantages and hence, the need to curb them as much as possible to minimize time wastage. Much has been done aimed towards minimizing traffic jams including the widening of roads, but the problem continues to be on the rise. It is time to embrace technology and try to ease challenge.


Mobility Authority, the public firm building the MoPac Express Lanes has shown its commitment in trying to ease traffic congestion with numerous state of the art innovations that are technology inclusive. The Express lane will comprise of different tolling capacities which will examine the demand at hand and consequently forecast the traffic flow. At the same time, it will be easy to determine if the initiative will ease the congestion or not!


They are also thinking of putting up smart roads utilizing fiber lines which will be able to detect any irregularity that may occur during traffic. They have also joined hands with Metropia to develop a real-time traffic app that can be able to provide road users with information about the best routes to follow at a particular time.


Mobility Authority roads have the walk and bicycle lanes that go hand in hand with the main roads. This is to encourage road users to walk and cycle once in a while which can also reduce traffic congestion by reducing the number of road users at a particular time.


About Mike Heiligenstein


Mike Heiligenstein has been a public worker for over 30 years a period in which he has held many different positions including being a member of Round Rock City Council and serving as the County Commissioner of Williamson County; he was a chair of the Clean Air force. Currently, he works at the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority where he is the Executive Director.


Mike Heiligenstein has a huge interest in the development of modern and technology associated with roads which is aimed at easing congestion. He also is an activist on encouraging people to walk and cycle to reduce congestion and help in keeping fit. This is why all the roads he has led in construction have an allowance for people to walk and cycle.


Mike Heiligenstein holds a Government degree and masters as well as a Business Administration Masters, all which he attained from the University of Texas. With his track of good work and rich experience, he is regularly called upon to give public lectures on infrastructure.


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Lori Senecal’s Legacy as CEO for CP+B

Lori Senecal has been the Global CEO for CP+B since March 2015. She has been instrumental in transforming CP+B into a global agency. Lori is, however, expected to exit from her role in the company at the end of this year. Lori has been responsible for overseeing CP+B’s growth and expansion while managing the agency’s nine international offices.

According to Fast Company, in October 2015, Lari Senecal made one of her biggest contribution to the firm by landing American Airlines. Her leadership prowess and focus helped to develop the agency, earning CP+B recognition from Advertising Age as being among “Creativity Innovators of the Year” while at the same time naming Lori among top four “Agency Executives to Watch” in 2016. She approached leadership with visions and the determination to ensure their actualization with tangible results.

Senecal is a pioneer in creating innovative advertising techniques. She also specializes in innovative technology solutions, which solve business problems. CP+B have continued to provide world-class results for clients by use of new and broad creative toolbox that fully utilize technology, and Senecal has ensured that the firm maintains its status in the industry. She believes in the use of communication to enhance productivity in innovative strategies as well as building solutions that drive the firm forward. During her tenure at CP+B, Lori ensured international consistency and strengthened the local position of the agency.

About Lori Senecal

Lori graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor’s degree in marketing and finance. She served as President of McCann Erickson in New York where she helped major brands like Xbox and Coca-Cola in developing successful advertising campaigns. Lori also served as Global Chairman and CEO of KBS where she managed to grow it from a 250-person agency to over 900 people.

Lori Senecal has been the Global CEO for CP+B for two years. She has received an award from AWNY Game Changer Awards with a Quantum Leap for leadership and innovation. Senecal also served at Ad Council Board of Directors and the 4A’s as a member.

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Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is Taking on Amazon and Winning

Not too many companies can say that they are taking on Amazon and winning, but that is exactly what Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has been doing for the last three years. Even though Amazon commands a staggering 20 percent of the online sales in fashion, Fabletics has amassed over $250 in sales in only a few years. These numbers appear to be growing, and this is quite an accomplishment considering the size and strength of competition in this crowded space.


Hudson was recently asked to comment on the success of her athleisure brand, and she says she owes it all to her membership platform and a shopping process known as reverse-showrooming. Unlike Amazon, the women who come to the Fabletics retail stores at the mall are in for a completely unique shopping experience. They sign-up for a free membership and follow-up with a Lifestyle Quiz that complements the membership. Women are not pressured by sales associates to buy, in fact, they are encouraged to simply try on the active-wear and workout apparel, making sure the find things that fit perfectly.


Now even though many women do not buy on the spot, here is where reverse-showrooming kicks into high gear.


All the items that were worn in the retail store were added to the online profile of the consumer. Later when things are less hectic in the day, these same women return to the Fabletics website and continue shopping. Since they already know what sizes now look great on them, they can choose workout apparel that is in different colors or styles they want. There is no guess-work at this point because the shopper knows what looks great on their body and can now shop without worry. As a member of the Kate Hudson’s Fabletics website, shoppers get discounts and free shipping on all orders. This is part of the reason buyers are lining up to buy Hudson’s athleisure brand.


Consider that anyone who took the quiz gets a personal shopper too, just more in the way of exceptional treatment for customers who deserve more than what Amazon offers. Members at Amazon get to pay $79 a year for 2-day shipping, and nothing more. Fabletics members have a shopper choosing clothes for them once a month for consideration, nothing ships without the final approval of the buyer at Fabletics either. Women are raving about the ease in which they can get their hands on the latest fun styles for working out or lounging in their days off.

About the WIT Press: How to Access Learning Materials and Journals

There are many people who are really interested in learning more about science and technology. It is not just enough to look things up online. Reading journals and books on the subject of your interest is also important. If you are interested in technology and emerging global trends such as climate change and sustainable development, you can get as much information on that by reading journal articles on the subject.

At the Wessex Institute of Technology, there are publications which you can make good use of. Their press is known for the serious books and journals which they have published over the years. They not only avail their books in print form but they also make them available electronically. This is one of the ways on which researchers, scientists, students and even lecturers get access to useful material for their varied uses.If you want to access the materials published by the WIT Press, you can easily do so on their official website. The good news is that they also publish their conference proceedings on their website. This way, anyone who wishes to get access to the proceedings can easily do so and participate in the discourse.


Kim Dao Takes Her Friend Grace to a Cat Cafe

Grace is a rapper from Korea, a mutual friend of Sunnydahye’s who was introduced to Kim Dao. Grace is from Korea and came to Japan five months ago to record an album. Kim Dao and her friend Grace first went shopping for toiletries before heading for the cat cafe.


Inside the cat cafe, there was a board with names and pictures of the cats they had. Kim Dao and her friend had to stow their shoes in a cabinet and put on slippers. There were lockers for Kim Dao and her friend to put their handbags and other processions before going to see the  cats. It costs between 800 yen for a half hour to 2300 yen for two hours to visit with the cats. With the prices, there were some rules: Don’t take flash pictures, don’t pick them up, don’t give them food or drink, and if you inflict injury on the cats, you give the first aid. Kim Dao and her friend only planned to stay for a half hour. The cats were fun to watch and pet. These cafes are for people who would like to own a cat but are too busy for the responsibility. Most of the cats were mixed breeds of various colors. Some cats there were pure breed. There was another board of cat pictures, displaying the ones that won ribbons in cat shows. At the cat cafe, At the cafe, there is a vending machine for cat coin purses for 200 yen.

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Jason Hope; A Firm Believer Of Internet Of Things And Philanthropy

Jason Hope is very passionate about Internet of Things (IoT) and is a commentator and writer on the latest technological trends. IoT is the technology that permits the synchronization of devices using a similar network to share information and minimize waste. Such devices include cars, electronic devices, kitchen appliances and street lights. According to Hope, he believes that IoT will alter business operations and represent the biggest advancement in the technology market. As large enterprises are adopting the technological developments offered by the Internet of Things, others have to keep up too.

As such, Jason Hope believes that in the future all devices will be able to connect to each other. Hope elucidates the example of public transport that has witnessed significant developments by the Internet of Things. This includes efficient monitoring of maintenance concerns for trains and real-time mapping of bus routes to ensure more safety for the passengers. Further advancement of public transport will result in general satisfaction when there is little congestion and ultimately less pollution. Even though many of the examples of IoTs are in urban areas, there are also many benefits that can be witnessed in the countryside as well.

Jason Hope was born in Arizona and was brought up in Tempe. He holds a finance degree from Arizona State University as well as an MBA from ASU’s W.P Carey School of Business. Apart from technology, Jason is a Philanthropist who grants several educational programs in Arizona. Jason believes that everyone deserves an education. Apart from education, Mr. Hope also supports other philanthropic pursuits. For example, he has worked with the Arizona Science Center, the Boys & Girls Club of Metropolitan Phoenix, the Tony Hawk Foundation, the Andre Agassi Foundation, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Desert Mountain States Chapter, and the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation among many others.

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Marc Sparks Makes An Announcement of the Second Spark Tank Winner

One of the most amazing things about entrepreneurs is that they are able to run plenty of events and contests depending on their success and prominence. One of the best aspects of Marc Sparks is that he is willing to put himself out there so that he will be able to gain a lot of listeners who will learn about the right path to success. For one thing, he wants people to experience prosperity like he has. This is one of the reasons that he runs contests. This is a way for him to help others who are on a path to provide something that is worthwhile for people.


Among the activities that Marc Sparks runs is the Spark Tank. This is a contests that provides awards to the winners in the form of a grant. The types of companies he provides grants to are non-profit organizations. This is to help them support their communities. One of the best things about non-profit organizations is that they are not only providing for the needs of different communities, but they are also really good to work for in that it helps people grow. This is among the many reasons that Marc wants to help these types of companies.


The second winner of the Spark Tank contest is Mommies in Need. Mommies in need is a winner because it offers services for families that are in need of care because of an emergency. One of the reasons that it has earned its grant is because children are always in need of care. They also need a lot of guidance so that they will be able to grow in productive ways. Parents often need a lot of help in raising children depending on the circumstances that suddenly occur. Marc has definitely made a good choice in the non-profit organization he has awarded the grant to.


Alexandre Gama: Choosing The Right Ad Agency

Need help with advertising in Brazil? Alexandre Gama is a reputable business promotions and marketing consultant. Based in Brazil, Alexandre Gama has provided services to countless business owners, establishments, individuals and high-profile organizations in Brazil.

Alexandre Gama can help you grow your business and build a brand. Even for experienced business owners and entrepreneurs, developing a brand is not an easy undertaking. It can be a tough and complex project and is best left to an expert.

Alexandre Gama can handle this process for you by developing the graphics, advertising message and other crucial aspects of promoting a business and building a great reputation for the company.

To get started developing your brand awareness and marketing your business and products to the right audience, contact Alexandre Gama right away. Alexandre Gama provides clients with research that they need to target their potential customers.

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Mike Baur Teams Up With Others To Start The Swiss Startup Factory

When many people think about the Internet, they do not think about the complexity of the Internet. They do not think about how hard it is to do the things that they do on the Internet. However, there is a great deal of technology that has to work in a precise manner for the Internet to perform effectively. In addition, with the vast array of things that can be done on the Internet, the capabilities of the technology that serves as the backbone of the Internet has to provide sufficient speed, power, and related needs to accomplish the requested tasks.


The Internet is a world unto itself. The digital world has come into being largely because of the Internet. There are various aspects to the digital world, but when people think about a digital environment, the Internet is the focal point. The business world has welcomed the Internet since its inception. As the Internet has developed into the environment that it is today, the business world has altered the way that it operates to take advantage of the benefits that the Internet provides.


One of the biggest positives that the Internet provides to the business world is a very large and active audience. Billions of people use the Internet, and companies have changed marketing budgets to shift more money towards online marketing efforts. Companies recognize that many people are spending time on the Internet and companies want to get a share of the online audience.


The shift in marketing spending is only one of the things that companies are changing to take advantage of the popularity of the Internet. There are many entrepreneurs who are starting digital companies to get a portion of the Internet pie. The drive to succeed in the digital world has moved many business people towards truly digital companies. However, there is a lack of understanding regarding the digital world that many business people have and need to correct.


Therefore, numerous companies that offer digital business assistance have developed over the past few years. One of the brightest of these is the Swiss Startup Factory. An outstanding company operating in Switzerland, the Swiss Startup Factory is turning heads with its great success.


Mike Baur is a prominent member of the Swiss Startup Factory team. He has been able to make the Swiss Startup Factory a recognized name in the digital world. As a founder of the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur has seen the company rise from its beginnings to the status it has achieved. Mike Baur continues to help guide the company to higher heights in the business world.

Duda Melzer Shows A Family Business Can Prosper In The 21st Century

The RBS Group of Brazil may not often be seen as a family business after the company grew over the course of the latter half of the 20th century and the first two decades of the 21st century into one of Brazil’s leading media providers; however, the appointment of Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, better known as Duda Melzer made him just the third President of the company, all three of whom have been members of the Sirotsky family. Duda Melzer follows in the footsteps of his grandfather and uncle in becoming the leader of the RBS Group that is now looking to diversify its interests while making sure the traditions of the past remain honored in an ethical way. Info sourced: Acaert.com

In an article on clicrbs, Duda Melzer has worked hard to make sure the transition to his leadership has been seamless as the Chairman and President of RBS has been awarded a position on the list of 25 business leaders praised in 2015 by the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise. Duda has not achieved family business success alone and is quick to praise the assistance he has received from Harvard professor and family business sector expert Professor John Davis in moving RBS forward in an ethical way.

The use of technology is something Duda Melzer believes can be developed in a way that allows the RBS Group the chance to save money and provide a better service to its customers; a keen sports fan who attends events regularly, Duda Melzer has encouraged the use of video conferencing to make sure he and his employees can be in constant contact throughout each business day.

The all round success in business achieved by Duda Melzer has seen him win numerous awards and become a member of prestigious industrial bodies. Alongside his achievements in media and advertising sectors, Duda Melzer is well known for his success with the Brazilian Association of Human Resources.

Check out his profile: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/duda-melzer#/entity