Duda Melzer Digital Presence Expanding

Duda Melzer is known, quite rightfully, as a leader in Brazilian business. A huge part of this business includes the digital presence of his companies. His competitors need to start worrying right about now, as Duda Melzer has just announced that his e.Bricks business platform will start expanding the digital presence of traditional brick and mortar stores that did not previously have a presence in the online community. Check out pauliceiadojazz to know more.

This next step that Duda Melzer Founder is taking is a great opportunity for not only Brazilian businesses but for the entire country as well. Duda Melzer applied very strict requirements for any business to apply to become part of the e.Bricks digital community. After the business was accepted into the fold, private equity firms invested into the businesses to give them enough working capital to establish an online presence. You can visit their website eduardosirotskymelzer.com

This e.Bricks venture holds great promise as Duda Melzer is no stranger to unconventional media endeavors. In fact, one of his companies he was associated with in the past, BoxTop Media, was known to specialize in exactly this. It is for this reason that Brazil and the rest of the world wait with baited breath to see exactly what E.Bricks has in store for the country they seek to help.

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Among one of the best in its industry is Talk Fusion, a video communication that has been excelling above many of its competition with its vast product line. The types of products that the company produces are extraordinary in contrast to its competitors. In addition to its great products, the company uses a strategic pricing plan that allows customers to be able to afford their products. If there is one competition the company has as stated by the CEO is the company itself. Learn more: http://alivenewspaper.com/2018/01/talk-fusion-wave-future/



Talk Fusion has launched yet another awesome product. A newly design dashboard for “Talk Fusion Video Suit“. As always, the company is determined to keep improving its brand as well as their products to deliver the best customer experience. Talk Fusion is owned by Bob Reina, who has been a major influence in the company’s success and innovative ideas. With respect of the new product dashboard, he mentioned that this new launch was what the company needed to improve in many aspects.



This new product, according to Bob Reina, is far more advance than what they have invented so far. A part of his mission is to consistently find better ways of improving the product and “offer his customers devices that are WebRTC-powered; devices that are both efficient and of the highest quality“. Moving forward, the company expects to keep implementing different innovative ideas that will not only affect local market but also on a global scale for this following year 2018. CEO Bob Reina shares a profound statement that reflects their success within the industry. He stated that “the key things that separate Talk Fusion and its competitors is the fact that they appeal to the general mass. Talk Fusion is for everyone and anyone.”



The company provides a service that allows anyone who wants to stand out and rise above the rat race where marketing through video is concerned. Talk Fusion has not only found various ways to improve on their product, but to also give persons the opportunity to build their own business online through their new marketing training program. The training program is a virtual station where students are able to watch Bob Reina himself and learn from his own experience. In this virtual space, Bob teaches his students the fundamentals as well as advanced ways of video marketing among other marketing strategies. Bob states that one’s success is dependent on the student and their determination as well as efforts. The best part about this program is that it is geared at individuals of all kind of educational level and are clear, concise for everyone to implement.


Sussex Healthcare: Hopes On New CEO Amanda Morgan

Sussex Healthcare is the leading healthcare delivery company in the United Kingdom. This is a company that has been in business for sometimes now and has established a name as a reliable healthcare delivery firm. The company currently has 20 homes across the country. It hopes to expand on this number very soon as they start a new wave of expansion under new CEO.

Sussex mainly deals with offering services to the members of the society who cannot live at home by themselves. These people mainly are the elderly, the mentally and the physically challenged members of the community. The services offered by Sussex Healthcare are important in a society as they help people who would otherwise go through unbearable life experience comfort and live to the fullest just like any other person in the society.

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Sussex Healthcare was established to give the best services to clients. To date, they have not disappointed. They have lived up to the challenge that they swore to accomplish. They have given the best services a country would ask for. They have adhered to the demands of the industry and the standards set by the government. Right now, there is no doubt that they are the best in the country. They provide the best-specialized services to each of their clients. They look after each client depending on the problem they are going through. Sussex has hired the services of the best specialists to help them offer 24-hr services to their clients. They want their customers only to get the best services that they would wish for.

Sussex Healthcare is dedicated and committed to giving the society the services they need. By taking care of the weak members of the society, they are undertaking a crucial role in making the life of each person better. It is a noble initiative that should be appreciated by all. Sussex Healthcare has a mission of delivering even better services going forward. There is still room for improvement as they look to expand the services they are offering. Already there has been a change in the organization with some extra services being added to deal with therapy and nutrition problems.

Sussex has also expanded their services with the hiring of new CEO Amanda Morgan- Taylor. Amanda has huge experience in this industry as she has worked with other organizations before. Her addition is meant to take the organization to another level of growth.

Check more about Sussex Healthcare: https://medium.com/@susssexhealthcare/

Fabletics: Leveraging the Power of the Crowd One Review at a Time

It’s no secret that business models are evolving. Consumers have more buying choices than ever before. This means that companies either need to keep up or get left behind the businesses that are innovating. Fabletics has proven to be a huge innovator in the way that people purchase athletic wear. The membership model has taken ahold of every industry from shoes to razor blades. Fabletics has brought this to the athletic wear clothing industry and has garnered $250 million in sales and 200% growth in just a few short years. Fabletics is definitely on the rise and gaining new memberships daily. The company refuses to be stagnant and even recently announced it will be launching a line of athletic wear for plus size women.


What is the Power of the Crowd?

Fabletics uses the power of the crowd of fans in the digital world to build its reputation and to gain new members. Many people are likely to trust crowd-sourced reviews of many average people than one celebrity. These reviews build a level of trust that one endorsement couldn’t achieve. Most consumers check online reviews before purchasing something as small as a jar of peanut butter or a new type of bottled water. When looking to subscribe to a monthly membership, reviews are essential to gaining new members.


Why Fabletics Went Digital First

Fabletics has chosen to focus its strategy on digital rather than brick-and-mortar locations. With just a few stores in some of the country’s biggest shopping cities, Fabletics would rather bring the experience into its members’ homes and phones. Members have the ease of doing everything online and a few days later a great new athletic wear outfit arrives on their doorstep.


Kate Hudson’s Role with Fabletics

When Fabletics was founded in 2013, Kate Hudson was mainly focused on acting. She was approached by the owners of TechStyle Group to become the face of Fabletics. Kate Hudson embraced the idea but noted that she didn’t simply want to be the spokesperson for the brand; she wanted to be a true part of the team. Kate stated that she would never represent a company she didn’t wholeheartedly believe in and would wear herself on a frequent basis. She is involved in everything from social media strategy, to selecting styles, to overseeing major changes in customer service style. She even checks sales data on a weekly basis to always be in the know.


Lifestyle Quiz

Another thing that helps Fabletics stand out from competitors is the unique Lifestyle Quiz on the company’s website. It is a simple and enjoyable quiz designed to learn about things like fashion preferences, workout style and, of course, sizing. Once the quiz is completed, everything you experience with Fabletics is totally tailored to your personal preferences, giving each person a unique experience. The Lifestyle Quiz is a wonderful first step to acquaint yourself with this brand on a meteoric rise!

Bob Reina

In September, Talk Fusion released an updated version of their popular Live Meetings program. This communication tool utilizes the WebRTC system. It is a system that is particularly favored for business meetings. Up to 500 people on 15 hosts can connect. Those numbers are much higher than any similar company has done before. The new version can be accessed through a web browser, which means that Adobe Flash Player is no longer required to be installed.


Talk Fusion is constantly the leader in its particular industry because it usually adapts to new technology faster. In addition, the adaptation always ends up being better than the adaptations of its competitors. Those in charge at Talk Fusion are extremely pleased with the recent update, saying that it significantly improves audio and video communication. It is particularly impressive for vastly improved video sharpness and clear audio. In the previous version, there tended to be echoes or strange distortions in the audio.


The update has fixed all of that. And they are fully committed to a future of further updates of their technology. Its Video Suite software has become a staple at thousands of businesses across the world. It can be purchased in more than 135 countries across the globe. Each individual system comes with inspirational video recordings, directions, and miscellaneous other content. Talk Fusion is led by CEO Bob Riena. He attended college in Florida and then served as a police officer for several years. He eventually got into buying and selling products.


He eventually quit being a police officer and went into marketing fulltime. In 2004 began working on an idea that involved video email. He worked tirelessly on his passion. Three years later that idea resulted in Talk Fusion. It is more than just the professional work for Reina. Learn more: https://medium.com/@bobreinatalkfusion/have-you-given-up-on-your-dreams-b2c37849845a


Riena has also shown a great passion for philanthropic work. To this end, he has led the Talk Fusion team to charitable work all over the world. As part of their work, they give charities the aid of their own technological products. Talk Fusion is fully committed to continuing a future of great professional philanthropic work.


Confidence and Competence from Lori Senecal’s Leadership

Every successful has a confident and competent leader. This is the case with Lori Senecal. She is someone who is very competent in what she is doing, and it shows in the companies that she has worked for. When she has taken over CP+B, she has changed the inner workings of the company and has taken it to a global level. One thing that she has focused on is the efficiency of work. She has changed every aspect of the business so that people can efficiently get all of the work done for the user. This is one of the reasons that Lori Senecal is successful.


According to Intrview.net among the things she has made more efficient is the conversation between the client and the expert. The workers of CP+B were trained to keep everything business related. Even the business related discussion had to be limited to the goals of the company so that the client can not only make money but also minimize any money loss because of time. This has resulted in tons of satisfied clients. This has brought forth a positive word of mouth that has shown Lori to be one of the leaders in the industry to look to.  For more details visit Bloomberg.


One thing that makes Lori Senecal such an amazing success is that she is usually the type of person that is in the background, especially in the advertising industry. One thing that has helped her is that she has been in leadership ever since she was a child. She has learned compassion and motivation. She has taken her lessons with her to other areas of her life including her career. She has also gained a lot of confidence that has helped her withstand the chaos that often happens in the fashion industry. Lori Senecal is definitely someone that is an example of how to handle different aspects of life as an introvert. You can follow their Twitter for more updates.





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American Institute of Architects and the paradigm shift

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has been in existence since the year 1857. It is a professional body mandated by the federal government to educate, train and as well as issue operating licenses to qualified architects. The institution currently has a total membership of 87, 890. It has its headquarters in Washing D.C. Robert Ivy is the current Chief Executive Officer of the institution. Although the main office of the institution is based in Washington, there are branches all over the country. There are different chapters of the institution in almost every state, and each one of them operates autonomously.

Robert Ivy has been at the helm of the institution for over seven years and has been praised for his relentless efforts of introducing sweeping changes in the institution. Ivy is a registered architect, and at one point he worked as a magazine editor. Lately, he has been on a mission to ensure that architects get involved in different other fields besides design and construction. According to him, times have changed, and there’s a great need for architects to collaborate with software developers and other professionals to bring diversity in their field of profession.

The soft-spoken CEO believes that architecture can bring about numerous changes in different areas such as improving health as well as offering disaster relief solutions. That is probably why in recent months AIA has been receiving attention outside the design and construction industry. The institution recently at the Clinton Global Initiative’s Annual meeting announced a ten-year commitment plan to create solutions and program directed towards sustainability, resilience to natural disaster as well as public health. Robert Ivy while talking to Sun Joo Kim of Smart Planet expressed hope that the institutions’ ambitious plan will bear fruits shortly.

SmartPlanet: Can you think of a scenario where architecture can be used to improve public health?

Robert Ivy: Design has played a major role throughout history in the public health sector. Without architecture, we wouldn’t be having the Olmsted of Central Park in New York and several other nice building around.

SmartPlanet: The AIA has recently been seen partnering with an organization outside the architectural sector, what do you think about that?

Robert Ivy: You are right. That is what we are trying to do as an institution. We want to move out from the old way of doing things and start thinking outside the box. Read this article:https://www.architecturalrecord.com/articles/5547-architectural-record-editor-in-chief-robert-ivy-to-head-aia

Academy Of Art University Displays Designs With Flair

The Academy of Art University formerly known as the Academy of Art College is located in San Francisco, California. It’s roots date back to 1929 and has been a institution of education for the creative and imaginative among us. It has continued to grow as students with a desire to share their ability to express themselves through art and design enroll and learn to hone their abilities.

At New York Fashion Week, students from there Academy of Art University were given a platform to display their creativity. During the school’s 21st runway showcase, ten of the recent BFA and MFA graduates had the opportunity to share their women’s wear and men’s wear collections. The range of talent among the diverse group of designers delighted the audience with the variety of ideas and craftsmanship among them. The variety and display of colors, textures and trends proved an exciting expression of ideas.

The Academy of Art University continues to grow the academic opportunities available to their students. They offer undergraduate and graduate courses, along with continuing education, high school completion programs and pre college courses. The university also offers several degrees online starting back in 2002.

Set in the heart of San Francisco, the Academy of Art University offers students the chance for urban living while continuing their eduction. Students will be inspired by the city around them. While learning and seeing real life examples of art displayed around them.

Each year in San Francisco the university gives students the chance to display their work. Seventy different shows are available to students and alumni to participate in at a variety of galleries around the city of San Francisco. They are the first school to be invited to display their work at the well known, New York Fashion Week, twice a year.

If you are considering attending the Academy of Art University, it’s easy to get started. Schedule a tour or visit the campus during an open house. They offer housing and dining facilities for their students, and financial aid is available to those who will take the time to apply. Continuing education and study abroad opportunities are also a great way to take advantage of getting an education through the Academy of Art University.

Why Choose The Fagali’I Airport For Travel

There is a reason so many individuals have made the choice to use the Fagali’I Airport. This amazing airport is one of the best in the area and offers a wide range of different Airline so that people can travel without having to switch over.

Not having to switch over is something that’s so many Travelers are looking for nowadays because of the fact that it can be problematic to continually switch Airlines off and on throughout your trip. You will also be amazed at the fact that Fagali’I Airport has been incredibly proficient in the fact that they offer high-quality customer service to those who happen to be traveling and using their own bookings.

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There has never been a better time for you to travel then right now because of the fact that this airport has you covered with any type of flight that you are looking to take. You are able to do all of your booking on the internet in order to save yourself a ton of time, and you are also going to find that this helps you to save money as well. In fact, it is a good idea for you to visit the Fagali’I Airport website to learn more about their amazing company and to find out about the different bookings that they have available at the current moment in time.

There are so many different people who are using the Fagali’I Airport in order to travel abroad or locally, and it is a good idea for you to look into their website so that you can see what types of flights are available to you at the current moment according to encontreomedico.com.br. You might decide to travel by yourself or with your family by your side and know that they are going to do an amazing job of making your flight a wonderful experience. This is something that you will find to be incredibly beneficial no matter what you are looking to do, as this is something that so many people have taken advantage of because of the fact that the different bookings are available at affordable prices according to tripadvisor.com.br.

Search more about Fagali’i Airport: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfEnb3wwtYo

American Institute of Architects: Promoting a Positive Image for Architects

Promoting a positive image for a certain profession is essential. Stereotypes are one of the main reason why professions has to promote themselves positively in the eyes of the public, and one of the classic examples are the thought that lawyers are the best liars and doctors have an ugly handwriting. The American Institute of Architects, under the leadership of Robert Ivy, is an organization that aims to promote a positive image for architecture and American architects as well. The organization wanted to change the public’s perception about architects, making it more positive leaning. The American Institute of Architects also wanted to inform the public about the importance of the profession, and how it is actually helping the society.

Headquartered in Washington D.C., The American Institute of Architects is considered as one of the oldest organizations established in the United States. They are monitoring the professional architects who are currently in the United States and are practicing their profession. Founded in 1857, the organization is making sure that architects practicing in the country are subject to their rules and regulations. They wanted to make sure that each architect practicing in the United States are not involved in any malpractice, or unethical behavior that can damage the positive image of the profession. Their primary objective is to educate the public about architecture and to develop the areas in the country that has poor infrastructures. Robert Ivy is the current leader of the American Institute of Architects. He is also serving as the executive vice president and CEO of the organization since 2011, and he is responsible for checking the welfare of the American architects.

He attended the Sewanee: The University of the South, where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in English. Robert Ivy graduated cum laude, and after graduating, He decided to continue his studies. He enrolled himself at the Tulane University, and took up a master’s degree in Architecture. Immediately after graduating, Robert Ivy searched for a job. In 1995, He worked as an editor in chief for Architectural Record. The Architectural Record is a publication that tackles about the present condition of the profession in America, and when Robert Ivy took over as the editor in chief, the publication became one of the most popular reading materials for architecture. Robert Ivy also joined the McGraw-Hill Construction Media, serving as the editorial director and vice president.

Robert Ivy has received several awards because of his excellent track in the field of architecture. Robert Ivy is proud of his achievements, and he is encouraging the younger generation to take up a course in architecture. Today, he is still overseeing the welfare of the architects who are practicing in the United States, making sure that they are working under the best conditions. Learn more:https://www.architecturalrecord.com/articles/5547-architectural-record-editor-in-chief-robert-ivy-to-head-aia