How To Use NGP Van Minivan Manager

Launching a campaign for a political office can be quite challenging. It requires tremendous work if you hope to be successful in your bid. Some of the necessary activities that you must engage in to ensure you have a successful bid include building an effective communication plan, developing social media accounts and a website, creating a brand identity, enlisting the services of volunteers etc. You must also be able to make thousands of calls and knock on many more doors.


One of the most effective ways of engaging with voters and supporters is to go door to door. Although this is an effective means of voter engagement, traditionally this process generates tons and tons of paper, not to mention the hundreds of hours that will be spent in the data entry phase. Aside from these, the traditional means of canvassing lacks the accountability that is required in an effective campaigning program.


This is where MiniVan and MiniVan Manager comes into the picture. With MiniVan and Minivan manager canvassing has become much easier, as it has become paperless, more accountable and has an integration with NGP VAN. It is also quite easy to use. What organizers simply need to do is to select a list and then have it sent to their smartphones.


When the canvasser opens MiniVan on their phone they are greeted by a map that populates target houses on the canvasser’s turf. Next is to follow the script on the screen and input your answers as you proceed. This application relays real-time canvas information back to NGP VAN.


There is no way you can be serious about canvassing without adding MiniVan Manager to your campaign. With MiniVan manager, you have access to a real-time dashboard of canvas information submitted by other canvassers both on the field or in the office.


The most effective means of improving the accountability of your canvassing is by having access to up-to-the-minute statistics from the field. In order for you to know more, you can schedule an appointment with a specialist at NGP VAN. NGP VAN has over the years proven to be very effective as it has helped dozens of progressive and democratic candidates to have a successful campaign.