End Citizens United Clearly Demonstrates The Wrongdoings Of Rick Scott

End Citizens United recently filed a complaint against Rick Scott with the Federal Election Commission that alleged that he is using a super PAC to help fund his campaign run for the Senate. According to End Citizens United, the Rick Scott is doing this to enable himself to receive more money than the federal limits allow. Super PACs are able to raise an unlimited amount of money and can spend an unlimited amount of money, as well, but they are not supposed to directly work with a currently running campaign. The problem is that Scott served the PAC as its Chairman before he announced his bid for a Senate seat, and it appears that the PAC committed itself to getting him elected.

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Adam Bozzi, the Communications Director for End Citizens United, commented that Rick Scott doesn’t care about the law and that, apparently, he will do whatever it takes to become a Senator. Bozzi also stated that the PAC was put together, from the start, to help Scott get elected so that he could afford to pay the bills his campaign had racked up and to get away from the laws of disclosure. Even though Scott’s campaign denied the allegations, End Citizens United rebutted his denial by showing proof that he was still working with the PAC.

End Citizens United was put together after the Supreme Court handed over its decision related to Citizens United. The group came together in 2015 and works to encourage finance reform within the political campaign arena. By working to get Big Money away from the political workings of the United States, the group has supported candidates who agree with their mission as well as laws that assist with it. The group works directly with these candidates to ensure that the Citizens United is overturned and that donations must be limited and disclosed. Unfortunately, Rick Scott, is one of many politicians who choose to ignore the laws that are in place by subversion or other methods proving that they are not a good choice for office. Scott continues to deny that he has done anything wrong all while the group keeps on discovering more evidence that shows he is not being honest. As the evidence continues to pile up, it is clear that he has no plans to play by the rules, and the problem is there are many other lawmakers who are behaving in exactly the same way.

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