Easing Traffic Congestion Using Technology

Traffic congestion leads to time wastage and in most cases disruption of a day’s activities. Congestion has too many disadvantages and hence, the need to curb them as much as possible to minimize time wastage. Much has been done aimed towards minimizing traffic jams including the widening of roads, but the problem continues to be on the rise. It is time to embrace technology and try to ease challenge.


Mobility Authority, the public firm building the MoPac Express Lanes has shown its commitment in trying to ease traffic congestion with numerous state of the art innovations that are technology inclusive. The Express lane will comprise of different tolling capacities which will examine the demand at hand and consequently forecast the traffic flow. At the same time, it will be easy to determine if the initiative will ease the congestion or not!


They are also thinking of putting up smart roads utilizing fiber lines which will be able to detect any irregularity that may occur during traffic. They have also joined hands with Metropia to develop a real-time traffic app that can be able to provide road users with information about the best routes to follow at a particular time.


Mobility Authority roads have the walk and bicycle lanes that go hand in hand with the main roads. This is to encourage road users to walk and cycle once in a while which can also reduce traffic congestion by reducing the number of road users at a particular time.


About Mike Heiligenstein


Mike Heiligenstein has been a public worker for over 30 years a period in which he has held many different positions including being a member of Round Rock City Council and serving as the County Commissioner of Williamson County; he was a chair of the Clean Air force. Currently, he works at the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority where he is the Executive Director.


Mike Heiligenstein has a huge interest in the development of modern and technology associated with roads which is aimed at easing congestion. He also is an activist on encouraging people to walk and cycle to reduce congestion and help in keeping fit. This is why all the roads he has led in construction have an allowance for people to walk and cycle.


Mike Heiligenstein holds a Government degree and masters as well as a Business Administration Masters, all which he attained from the University of Texas. With his track of good work and rich experience, he is regularly called upon to give public lectures on infrastructure.


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