Kim Dao Takes Her Friend Grace to a Cat Cafe

Grace is a rapper from Korea, a mutual friend of Sunnydahye’s who was introduced to Kim Dao. Grace is from Korea and came to Japan five months ago to record an album. Kim Dao and her friend Grace first went shopping for toiletries before heading for the cat cafe.


Inside the cat cafe, there was a board with names and pictures of the cats they had. Kim Dao and her friend had to stow their shoes in a cabinet and put on slippers. There were lockers for Kim Dao and her friend to put their handbags and other processions before going to see the ┬ácats. It costs between 800 yen for a half hour to 2300 yen for two hours to visit with the cats. With the prices, there were some rules: Don’t take flash pictures, don’t pick them up, don’t give them food or drink, and if you inflict injury on the cats, you give the first aid. Kim Dao and her friend only planned to stay for a half hour. The cats were fun to watch and pet. These cafes are for people who would like to own a cat but are too busy for the responsibility. Most of the cats were mixed breeds of various colors. Some cats there were pure breed. There was another board of cat pictures, displaying the ones that won ribbons in cat shows. At the cat cafe, At the cafe, there is a vending machine for cat coin purses for 200 yen.

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