The Wonderful Life Of A Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide

Traveling Vineyard is an organization that offers you the opportunity to work in the comfort of your house and earn money by simply being a wine guide. The organization started out in a back yard where they offered simple wine tasting. Its aim is to provide wine tastings in a more laid back setting so their clients get to fully appreciate their drinks.

For those interested in joining the wine guide’s team-The tasting room is where all the magic happens. This is a training center that does not require you to leave home in order to visit. It’s an all inclusive online training therefore everything and anything that you need to know about the business is there. This online training schools you on how to approach clients as well as how to advertise the items being sold.

As soon as you’ve successfully signed up and officially become a wine guide, you’re handed a success kit that has all of the tools required to get you started. This includes two tasting sets of five bottles of wine to enable you to offer clients a sample of the wines that are available.

Traveling Vineyard incorporates liberty, flexibility, and fun. As a wine guide you get the luxury of choosing to work a few hours each day or several hours a week as you would at a full-time job. In addition, you get to learn about the different kinds of wine all over the globe while getting an opportunity to meet and interact with new people every day.

Traveling Vineyard presents diverse options of wine that meet the different tastes and preferences along with the provision of wine accessories in order to boost your wine drinking experience. Their cellars offer some of the most exquisite wines from across the globe. They own quite the extensive collection which includes the likes of inzolia, chardonnay, pinot blanc, sauvignon blanc,, cabernet sauvignon and many more

They deploy a procedure in which their clients personally get to sample their truly refined wine options right before purchase- This procedure entails their esteemed wine guides offering tastings of Traveling Vineyard exclusive wines that are brought right at your doorstep at absolutely no cost. They are pretty active on their social media platforms especially their Facebook account in which they post on an almost daily basis while ensuring their clients are more involved in all aspects of their business.