Squaw Valley Offers Thrilling Holiday Packages

Services Offered at Squaw Valley
From skiing, riding, lodging, events and exciting activities to participate in, Squaw Valley is the place to be. Squaw Valley is a prominent vacation destination located in a square Valley at Sierra. Its terrain is endless, and most Americans find the exploration exciting as it has 33 lifts including aerial and car cables in the terrain. The beautiful village was constructed with the serene ambiance of the European style featuring shops, restaurants and sports; some of the components skiers find vital when visiting Squaw Valley. The area has boutiques, beauty salons, liquor stores, grocery shops and drug stores for the client’s convenience.

Squaw Valley Water Contaminated
For over decades, the residents of Squaw Valley have had fun in the exciting environment bordering a spring valley that produced clean water for drinking. However, all that changed in October when an unusually stormy rain affected most water systems at Squaw Valley. The adverse weather hit most of the areas in Placer County, leaving most residents affected. Inclusive of the effects is the contamination of the clean water system at High Camp. Although most news reports insinuated that the whole area was affected, Squaw Valley issues a statement do decipher such claims. And the contaminated water was channeled to a particular pipe for wastes.

Squaw Valley Issues Statement
Following a routine standard testing that led to the contamination findings, Squaw Valley contacted Placer County Department of Health and The Public Service for solutions on Wikipedia.org. Through other leading water safety experts, Squaw Valley has taken drastic steps towards the water contamination issue. Although it will take them long to return to their normal water usage, the team commits to solving the water issue on a daily basis until the issue is resolved. Through the health officials, Squaw Valley monitors the water purification process and until then, all customers are served with bottled mineral water. The visitors at High Camp and Gold Coast have full access to other facilities and immediately the water contamination issue is resolved, the administration of Squaw Valley will communicate. Since the rain, the water has been going through consistent treatment for safe human consumption. See: https://weather.com/weather/tenday/l/USCA1090:1:US