Dick DeVos: Businessman: Accomplished Author:

*Dick DeVos a True Success Story:


Dick DeVos is an American Businessman and accomplished author fro the state of Michigan. At present, Dick DeVos has an overall net worth of around 5 Billion dollars.


Mr. DeVos has a very interesting life and successful work history. Dick DeVos purchased the NBA team called Orlando Magic back in the early 1990’s. It is said that DeVos purchased the Orlando Magic team for around $80 Million dollars. Mr. DeVos was formally the owner of the Solar Bears as well as the Kansas City Blades.


Dick DeVos had great success with his sports franchises over the years. DeVos also owned three hockey league franchises. In early 2011, Dick DeVos made a surprising announcement that he planned on reviving the Solar Bears sports team as part of an expansion franchise project. Mr. DeVos plans for the revival of the Solar Bears was completed in October 2012.


Aside from his success within the business world, DeVos also sat in various boards and councils throughout his career. Dick DeVos currently sits on the Board of trustees of the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. The National Constitution Center is a museum which is dedicated to the U.S. Constitution.


Dick DeVos is an accomplished author as well as Businessman. DeVos had written several books. One of the books that DeVos published called “Compassionate Capitalism” was a best seller and received considerable recognition.


Another best seller called “Lessons in Life” is a book that Dick DeVos wrote after a heart surgery ordeal. This particular book focuses upon living life to the fullest but also stresses the importance of physical fitness and health.


*Education & Affiliations:


Dick DeVos graduated from Calvin College and was an active member of a Fraternity. DeVos has donated a great deal of money for educational causes. In addition, he supports the Republican Party and many causes associated with the Republicans.


Dick DeVos shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. DeVos is an ambitious person who has always had a strong work ethic. Dick DeVos believes in giving back and helping those less fortunate.