Justin Brown Takes Over Heyman Talent-South

Justin Brown of Wilhelmina Austin now heads up Heyman Talent-South of Austin, Texas and the talent and modeling agency is now brandishing a new name.


Now known as The Brown Agency, the conglomeration, which has always provided talent to the largest business prospects in the world, seems to be in a position to propel itself far into the future with continued success and acclamation.


The acquisition of talent agency was made in September 2015. The growth was predicted to be exponential and it occurs that this was a good move for Wilhelmina.


Wilhelmina Austin was founded in 2010. The sound judgement and astute business decisions by Brown placed him in prime position to scoop up Heyman Talent-South at the most opportune time.


The portfolio of talent at Heyman Talent-South was very phenomenal when the talent agency was acquired which made the involvement even more desirable.


The central offices are located in Austin, Texas with satellite locations around the U.S. and the world. The founder of Heyman Talent-South will continue on with Brown to offer insight and any required input that would guarantee the success of the agency’s procurement in the theatre arm of the talent agency. ┬áTo see more you can visit brownagency.co



Many of the leading brands in the world such as Louis Vuitton, Dell, Toyota, L’Oreal seek out The Brown Agency for their talent exigencies and committments. Justin Brown, the CEO and President of The Brown Agency proves that his leadership and long list of satisfied clients are world class and up and above board when it comes to modeling and talent.



It is no wonder that many would vie to be a part of this talent composit. However, due to the acuity necessary to be a contender in the talent and modeling field, only the best and the brightest get the chances to represent The Brown Agency to their clients.


The necessary acuity then is what makes The Brown Agency the success that it is and what has always made the Heyman Talent-South Agency the more favored agency to attain by many over the years.


Heyman Talent-South joining with Wilhelmina is a success story in itself. One for the note-worthy books.



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