Find Out What Makes Bruno Fagali the Best Lawyer in Sao Paolo

There is no other better lawyer in the whole of Sao Paolo than the great Bruno Fagali. When it comes to anti-corruption, compliance, issues of election and public law, no one else comes close to his brilliance. With a master’s degree in anti-corruption, state and administrative law, he is considered to be among one of the best there is in the whole of Brazil. He has become a competent and esteemed lawyer not just because he is a graduate of Sao Paolo University, but because he has shown exceptional skills in other fields as well.

Bruno Fagali started from the ground and built his way up to become what he is today. His first job was actually as an intern where he dealt with procedural law. These are cases involving violence in most domestic setups. He did not, however, stick to one firm as he learned the ropes. He practiced his internship in several firms, and this helped him to build confidence and grow Fagali ‘s ambition to do more. Since he was a quick learner, he was able to quickly sharpen his skills in bidding and regulatory law, as well as, administrative contract issues.

Bruno practiced these skills in his first official duty as a lawyer in 2012. Bruno Fagali was lucky enough to work and practice law at an esteemed law firm where he mainly handled litigations in the Public Prosecutor’s office and Court Accounts. Since he was employed, he knew he had to work hard than anybody at his level. This self-motivation is what made him get noticed.

Before long, Bruno Fagali was able to join Nova/sb as an integrity manager at the corporate level. His main job now under the new employer was to ensure that the company stood by the set program for integrity in the corporate arena. Bruno Fagali’s main duty here was making sure the agency operated under the set guidelines for ethics and the law in general. In 2016, Bruno felt he had enough experience to set up his law firm, and this is what he did. The firm has proved to be quite successful due to his ability to hold the highest levels of integrity in every department.

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