An Expression of Global Love

Lovaganza is a celebration of different nations and cultures, which will be presented to the world in 2020 in Frigiliana, Spain. The concept for Lovaganza is one that is all encompassing and important to the quickly combining world, and one that will be relevant to all parties involved, one way or the other. The interesting concept of this festival is love; a subject that everyone on the Earth is familiar with to one degree or another and can be defined as a fitting feature of what it means to be a Human being. We often forget in these times of technological innovation on Wikidot the importance of what love is and how emotion can effect us in the understanding and acceptance of people from different backgrounds and walks of life.

Lovaganza seeks to integrate the best of Human nature with the greatest in technological advancement . One of the main features of the festival will be the Extravaganza of Love, a 360 degree informational visualization of epic proportions that appropriately catalogs man’s ascension through the centuries into a total culmination of modern concepts and ideology. These ideas are literally brought to life in this presentation, where living actors and performers are able to showcase their cultural relevance and significance to the rest of the world. Lovaganza’s main website reveals a perfect depiction of what to expect with the Extravaganza of Love, showing a picturesque representation of a unit of traditional Zulu dancers performing in front of a roaring audience of interested and excited spectators. The performers reenact their cultural traditions in a stage surrounded by thousands of screaming anticipating fans.

It will be at Lovaganza that culturally illiterate people of the world will find equal footing and will be able to better understand and get to know one another on a more personal level. This is wonderful news, not only for Spain whose economy will see a boom during this time period, but also for the rest of the world who will see Lovaganza as an example of what we as Human beings as a whole can do when we combine our strengths together in order to fashion new and innovative ways to preserve and reveal who we really are to the rest of the world.


It is unknown whether or not this festival will be broadcast internationally, but there is already a call for individuals who are interested to get involved and do what they can to motivate others to do the same. If you are interested in becoming directly involved and be a part of modern day history then there is always a need for additional feedback and appointment within the ranks of those who care about this epic and truly impressive gathering of ethnic groups the world over.