Angel Investor Ara Chackerian Is An Avid Investor To Charities And The Healthcare Industry

Ara Chackerian is a widely accomplished entrepreneur and investor throughout the United States today, often called an angel investor. This means that he invests not only to build his own success, but most of his investments are towards companies or projects that will ultimately benefit people in the local communities or even on a wide scale. Throughout the course of his career, Ara Chackerian has founded many companies and worked as an executive at many others, including TMS Health Solutions, BMC Diagnostics, and PipelineRx. The majority of his investments throughout the years have been towards the better of the healthcare industry and making treatments better for everyone, especially mental patients.

Ara Chackerian is particularly focused on the state of digital healthcare these days, which is rapidly growing, thanks to investors such as Ara. According to Ideamensch, these types of apps and systems could go a long way at improving the quality of healthcare around the world for those facing health problems that are not as understood, such as mental conditions. Digital healthcare allows for much easier tracking of peoples illness and makes understanding how they work and what triggers them much easier for medical practitioners.

While a great deal of Ara Chackerian’s work is focused on philanthropy and helping the global community, he says there is still a lot of work to be done to help people, especially within the less fortunate locations of the world. There are many places that people just don’t have the opportunity afforded to them so they can make something of themselves. That majority of people who are successful around the country and around the world are able to be successful because of the opportunities they have been dealt, which were given by people from the past who already had success. This is not available to the majority of people, which is why he donates and actively helps charities out there that work to help people make something of themselves.

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The triumphs of Todd Lubar in real estate business

Real estate business has been in existence for as long as our own civilization and since time immemorial many people have always sought to build and own their own place. Over time this has evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry with many companies and individuals venturing into it with the aim of selling homes to people who cannot afford the money and time to build them for themselves.

The United States real estate industry has for many years enjoyed many booming periods that have seen many Americans finally attain their dream to own houses. This booming real estate business has been geared by many factors but investors who go out of their way to take the risk to build such houses have been its drivers for a long time. One good example of such investors is Todd Lubar who has definitely left a mark of his own through the many real estate properties that he has helped build.

Todd Lubar first delved into this business in 1995 when the industry was experiencing g an unprecedented growth with many people in urban America wanting to buy and own houses. This was indeed a great idea and it did not take him a long time before his first taste of profits started flowing in.

When joining the industry, Lubar set out as an investor and developer and through his innovative ability begun offering loans to those that wanted to buy home with an extra fee on repayment. This took off as a good business opportunity and soon after he began a mortgage company through which he could offer more loans to people so that they could buy houses. He named the new company Crestor Mortgage Corporation and through it he served more and more clients hoping to own or build houses.

Through the profits generated through his new company, Todd Lubar again invested in another company through the acquisition of an equity stake in Legacy Financial Group a company that mainly dealt with the construction of homes. This cemented his investment goals in the real estate and through this newly acquired company; he was able to front more loans to other big investors in the same sector. View his full bio on


Marc Sparks Makes An Announcement of the Second Spark Tank Winner

One of the most amazing things about entrepreneurs is that they are able to run plenty of events and contests depending on their success and prominence. One of the best aspects of Marc Sparks is that he is willing to put himself out there so that he will be able to gain a lot of listeners who will learn about the right path to success. For one thing, he wants people to experience prosperity like he has. This is one of the reasons that he runs contests. This is a way for him to help others who are on a path to provide something that is worthwhile for people.


Among the activities that Marc Sparks runs is the Spark Tank. This is a contests that provides awards to the winners in the form of a grant. The types of companies he provides grants to are non-profit organizations. This is to help them support their communities. One of the best things about non-profit organizations is that they are not only providing for the needs of different communities, but they are also really good to work for in that it helps people grow. This is among the many reasons that Marc wants to help these types of companies.


The second winner of the Spark Tank contest is Mommies in Need. Mommies in need is a winner because it offers services for families that are in need of care because of an emergency. One of the reasons that it has earned its grant is because children are always in need of care. They also need a lot of guidance so that they will be able to grow in productive ways. Parents often need a lot of help in raising children depending on the circumstances that suddenly occur. Marc has definitely made a good choice in the non-profit organization he has awarded the grant to.


George Soros the Entrepreneur who Wants to Change the Imperfect World

Imagine a world that is graced by accountability, unbiased media, respect to human rights, and good governance. The thought of it is thrilling and elevates your spirit. However, the world as we know is jam packed with corrupt systems and conservatives who oppress others. Today, human rights are being violated, governments are stealing from people, and offenders walk freely. The world is in shackles and civilisation has not helped in its reparation. How do we save the world? Who will protect the voiceless? Well, one man George Soros has been in the forefront to ensure the next generation comes into a world that is full of harmony and governing systems that are even-handed and rot free.

George Soros sets himself apart as an outstanding entrepreneur and philanthropist. Soros was born in 1930. The successful financier went to London school of economics. Before his breakthrough in the world of business, the renowned entrepreneur worked as a railway porter and also worked as a waiter. His vast experience and comprehensive knowledge have come in handy in his success in the business world. In all his investments, Soros have been making impressive profits and is considered by some as the most successful investor in the world. His successes in the financial market and his unmatched leadership skills have seen him lead Soros Fund Management for years. George Soros has also religiously supported liberal causes and wants to make the world a better place. To date, Soros has donated more than 12$ billion in philanthropic causes through the open society foundation. Visit to know more about George.

Unlike other entrepreneurs who are self-absorbed, George Soros decided to establish open society foundation to help those people that are marginalised and considered voiceless in the society. George Soros appreciates the fact that the world is imperfect but has an unwavering belief that we can improve what is flawed. Progressively, Soros through the open society foundation continues to change the lives of people worldwide. The society has become a watchdog and keeps governments in check. What’s more, the foundation has been in the forefront to ensure human rights are protected.

Soros genuinely acknowledges the importance of education. For this reason, the serial entrepreneur has offered scholarships to thousands of students across the globe to widen their horizons. In fact, some of these students get employed in the open society foundation, which has offices in almost every country in the world. Additionally, the open society foundation has an in-house law firm that defends the vulnerable and the oppressed in the society for free. Gradually, the foundation is gaining popularity as the platform for the unheard voices. George Soros continues to support change, and with people like him, the world will one day be saved from restraints of poverty and corruption.

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