Squaw Valley Reports Success In Rectifying Water Issues


The Squaw Valley Ski Resort has been extremely open about the issues that have recently been faced with the water quality of a small part of the resort after a major rain event pushed contaminants into four water wells. Squaw Valley Public Relations Director Liesl Kenney recently has been keeping the public, visitors, and local officials updated about the problem that was limited to a small portion of the Upper Mountain of the resort, which does remain open for skiing but has no water supply to make sure all visitors remain as safe as possible throughout their stay at this historic resort.


Placer County in California was the location of a major rain event in November that inundated groundwater wells across the region with contaminated water containing traces of E.Coli and Coliform; Liesl Kenney reports updates to the well water system undertaken in the Summer of 2016 assisted in identifying the water issue through regular testing procedures Squaw Valley maintains at all times. The identification of the contaminants has made it easier for Squaw Valley officials, Placer County Environmental Health Department, and members of the Squaw Valley District to work together to return the water quality to its former safe levels.


Since the identification of the contamination of the portion of the water system serving the destinations of Gold Coast and High Camp Squaw Valley officials have refused to open water supplies until all wells have been restored to safe drinking levels; complimentary bottled water has been made available to those using the slopes of Upper Mountain to make sure the enjoyment of any stay at Squaw Valley remains as impressive as possible.


Officials from Placer County Environmental Health Department have recently stated the level of E.Coli in three of the four contaminated wells has been returned to normal and Coliform levels are being lowered under the plan formulated in association with water experts employed by Squaw Valley to make sure every possible avenue is explored to keep guests safe at all times during their stay.