Roberto Santiago is the most prominent business entrepreneur in Paraiba State. He was born in Joao Pessoa and was raised in the same town. He later joined Pio X-Marist School and attended the Joao Pessoa College where he pursued Business Administration degree. Roberto began his profession at the Brazilian Manufacturing concern known as Café Santa Rosa. He later resigned from that firm and initiated his own corporation, which specified in vending boxes made of cardboard.

When the cartonnage corporation started generating profits. In 1987 Roberto ventured into real estate. The decision became the best one he forever made in construction his selection as an entrepreneur. He purchased ha land and constructed Maneira Mall. The shopping mall is constructed on approximately 75000 meters plot in the Joao Pessoa city. It consumed about two years for him to comprehend this vision and fit it into realism. The Mall was launched in 1989. It consists of around 280 supplies comprising a gaming area, theatre, Shopping stores together with several food courts, a gym, a college and financial institutions.

The shopping mall boasts of holding one of Brazil’s well-known halls, the Domus Hall which is situated along the rooftop. The gallery has sufficient space to swarm conferences, weddings, graduation ceremonies, and exhibitions. It lodges up to 4000 chairs although can it accommodate up to 10000 standing persons. The room has been elevated and fitted with walls which are soundproof, air conditioners and a high-tech harmony system.

The Manaira Shopping precinct has also vexed to retain other entertaining choices including gaming zones that are suitable for both kids and adults. It assembles at eighteen thousand bases. The gaming extent has above 200 gambling apparatuses advanced to date. It also crowds various cafeterias to befits every individual tastes and preference. Roberto cleverly picked the mall’s location that is situated between 2 shores giving purchasers great vision. Subsequently, The Manaira Shopping precinct claims a gigantic number of guests; space has been billed to around 135 feet this can shelter parking for about three thousand vehicles

Roberto founded another shopping mall named Mangaira in 2013. The Mall has no big distinction from Manaira by it’s various and considerable commercial impacts. The existence of the two shopping malls has fascinated numerous rewards into the adjacent area. Many companies and initiatives have transferred to the town uplifting the economy. The two malls have additionally created job opportunity for its innate inhabitants giving an improvement to the budget. Furthermore, over the years, the land nearby the two shopping malls has valued significantly, with many individuals settling in the zone for suitability. Since the living standards have been growing over the days, Roberto has become an innovator in posing comforting amenities for both entertainment seekers and shoppers.

A General Overview about Hussain Sajwani

Currently, the widely recognized Hussain Sajwani, a real estate tycoon, is the owner and founder of DAMAC properties Dubai. He started off with small hotels in Deira and won tenders to supply food to many organizations. He supplied food to US military during the Desert Storm. During 2002, Sajwani founded DAMAC properties and decided property handling was his future. However, food services remain part of the DAMAC Group services hitherto.


Hussain Sajwani has a strong connectivity to business tycoons in the world. One of them being the current US president Donald Trump. Sajwani and Donald Trump have had a mutual relationship where they even held dinner together in New York. Hussain Sajwani family has a strong relationship with Donald Trump. This has enabled Sajwani to merge forces with Donald Trump’s real estate company, the Trump Organization. The two have developed two Trump-branded golf courses in Dubai. DAMAC has also joined forces with Italian fashion-houses Versace and Fendi to build luxury apartments.


DAMAC is real estate Company that is often associated with glittering property developments, amazing marketing stunts, and lately, glitzy golf course projects with Donald Trump. DAMAC has its main offices in Dubai. He founded it in 2002 just when Dubai was at the lift-off stage of a six-year boom in real estate development. By the time the Soviet Union was collapsing, he had developed some mid-market hotels in Deira. The collapse of Soviet Union led to an influx of visitors. During the crash of 2008, mainly contributed to by these visitors, Hussain was able to take fast action to protect his company’s market, hence was able to see through the crisis successfully.


Hussain Sajwani has been able to handle his company well and has based it on three principles. The company holds no debt, escrow accounts are independent, and the company retains cash reserves to be able to support construction schedule. Currently, DAMAC owner employs more than 2000 workers in UAE.


Hussain Sajwani has mastered the art of giving back to the community largely. DAMAC properties donated a cheque of AED two million to buy clothing to over 50,000 needy children. He has established great hospitality programs since 2011 to support and raise the standards of the citizens. This places Sajwani as a top philanthropist and a humanitarian in his country.


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