Making a New Trend With The RealReal

In fashion, there is a lot of talk about trends. As a matter of fact, people try so hard to keep up with the trends to the point that it can take away from their style. However, there is a new trend that is worth keeping up with. This trend has not so much to do with clothing as it does to do with ethics and the environment. One of the latest trends that is taking form is the trend of shopping at secondhand stores. This used to be the type of activity that is looked down on. However, the exposure of many stores and their questionable practices has caused people to look at secondhand stores in a new light.

One of the secondhand stores that people are learning about is The RealReal. While it is a second hand store, the company prides itself on making sure that it takes in only the authentic and high quality items. This not only gets people wanting to buy these items but also makes them want to pay a premium for these items. People can actually shop like they are spending a fortune at a designer store without actually spending a fortune.

The RealReal also makes sure that when people are buying secondhand clothing that they are not also getting second hand styles. One of the reasons certain people still stay away from the secondhand shops is that they believe that they have to go to a certain store in order to get their style. However, when they see that The RealReal has items that are similar and even better than what the customer is used to shopping for, The RealReal is going to gain the customer because of all the thought that has gone into the selection of the products to offer.