Squaw Valley Offers Thrilling Holiday Packages

Services Offered at Squaw Valley
From skiing, riding, lodging, events and exciting activities to participate in, Squaw Valley is the place to be. Squaw Valley is a prominent vacation destination located in a square Valley at Sierra. Its terrain is endless, and most Americans find the exploration exciting as it has 33 lifts including aerial and car cables in the terrain. The beautiful village was constructed with the serene ambiance of the European style featuring shops, restaurants and sports; some of the components skiers find vital when visiting Squaw Valley. The area has boutiques, beauty salons, liquor stores, grocery shops and drug stores for the client’s convenience.

Squaw Valley Water Contaminated
For over decades, the residents of Squaw Valley have had fun in the exciting environment bordering a spring valley that produced clean water for drinking. However, all that changed in October when an unusually stormy rain affected most water systems at Squaw Valley. The adverse weather hit most of the areas in Placer County, leaving most residents affected. Inclusive of the effects is the contamination of the clean water system at High Camp. Although most news reports insinuated that the whole area was affected, Squaw Valley issues a statement do decipher such claims. And the contaminated water was channeled to a particular pipe for wastes.

Squaw Valley Issues Statement
Following a routine standard testing that led to the contamination findings, Squaw Valley contacted Placer County Department of Health and The Public Service for solutions on Wikipedia.org. Through other leading water safety experts, Squaw Valley has taken drastic steps towards the water contamination issue. Although it will take them long to return to their normal water usage, the team commits to solving the water issue on a daily basis until the issue is resolved. Through the health officials, Squaw Valley monitors the water purification process and until then, all customers are served with bottled mineral water. The visitors at High Camp and Gold Coast have full access to other facilities and immediately the water contamination issue is resolved, the administration of Squaw Valley will communicate. Since the rain, the water has been going through consistent treatment for safe human consumption. See: https://weather.com/weather/tenday/l/USCA1090:1:US

2016’s Best Wines As Recommended By Leading Merchant UKV PLC

UKV PLC has recently released a list of the best wines for the holiday season this year. UKV PLC is a wine merchant that specializes in the acquisition and sale of the finest wine in the world. They are focused on delivery of services at an exceptionally personal level to meet the unique preferences of their clientele. They assist clients seeking the most prestigious brands from leading vineyards in Spain, France, and Italy. They also help customers who purchase wines for drinking as well those looking to develop lucrative fine wine collections or cellars. UK Vintners PLC is reputed for assisting in the acquisition of the most elegant first-grade fine wine as well as champagne with their industry of contacts an independent network.

UKV PLC, a leading independent wine merchant, has recommended the following fine wines this year. Beychevelle from 2008 is a fruity wine that is soft and is made with hints of cranberry and raspberry. The Beychevelle is made by the Saint-Julien appellation. It is intended to be consumed within 15 years of bottling. Another wine that has been recommended is the D’Yquem from 2009. This white wine has been made with hints of honey, apricot, sweet spiced pears among other spices. The D’Yquem comes perfectly well with any Christmas dessert. It has been produced by the Chateau d’Yquem winery in Graves, France. The company has been making this remarkable wine for over 400 years now.

UKV PLC has also recommended Montrose from 1998. This one of the best wines and it comes from the St.Estephe region. This wine has been termed as a great option for New Year’s Eve or any other holiday. This wine has been made mainly with Merlot grapes. It also has an aroma which is earthy with hints of plum and black cherry. Ducru Beaucailou is another label that UKV has termed as a perfect option for the holidays. The Ducru Beaucailou winery is among the oldest wineries in the Saint-Julien appellation in Bordeaux, France. A wine bottled in 2005 is now mature enough with a dark purple color and a full, aged flavor.

UK Vintners PLC has also recommended a bottle of Pichon Baron for this festive season. This bottle from 1998 reaches its peak maturity this holiday season making it perfect for any occasion. This wine has hints of black currants and charcoal. The Pichon Baron is low in acid and has a sweet toasty oak flavor. This wine blend comes from the Pauillac appellation in Bordeaux, France. The wine has also been blended with Cabernet, Cabernet Franc, Merlot as well as Sauvignon.

UKV works with a vast network of reliable and competent brokers, traders, and merchants. Their operation as an independent wine company makes it not to be limited to a single supply chain. They sell champagne and bonded fine wine on behalf of both trade customers and private individuals. UKV is a flexible and comprehensive enterprise that is remarkably friendly to clients. They operate a small team that is dedicated to high-quality wine services. They are well-seasoned in the market for wines and are ready to assist clients in getting the best bottles of champagne or wine for any occasion.

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What The Williamson Traffic Issue Article Was About and The Need to Know on CTRMA and Mike Heiligenstein

Traffic can be a huge issue for places that are just not used to it, or for places that do not have enough roads. That is why there was a new discussion for those of the area of Austin, and that discussion was one that was pretty serious. The topic was of the troubleshooting for Williamson and the suburbs needs that were to do with transportation throughout the region.


There was a panel with a group full of very important people on it from all different types of jobs. On the panel there was Mr. Heiligenstein who is the Exec. Director to the CTRMA, Leandre Johns, Joseph Kopser and Jared Ficklin. This event in which they held the discussion was within the well-known SGTH&CC, and they discussed during this event all of the changes that are going on within technology and what that means for transporation everywhere across the globe and for the region of Austin.


After stating that he knows of the new advances in technology that will allow individuals to have vehicles that are driverless and also applications that are meant for ridesharing can indeed make radical changes within the infrastructure of transportation as we know it, Mike Heiligenstein said that he thinks in the Austin area the need to spend money still on the capacity of transportation that keeps on growing. Mr. Heiligenstein thinks that doing this and making a lot of roads that are more intelligently desinged will help out a lot. He finds this as the only thing that they are able to do in order to confirm with the mobility desires that are the people’s within the ever growing suburbs, in the places like Williamson.


Mike also said that he believes that as far as the decade or so years are concerened, Williamson in the past has faired pretty good infrustructure-wise. Even though he believes that, he still knows that the place has the very big possibility of more people pouring in. This is why he believes that the roads should be made and should be made in ways that are more intelligent so as to make them an efficient resource, adding on that they should also be advanced when it comes to technology.


One of the people on the panel, the moderator, asked how they should handle future troubles for transportation and what they needed to do so as to make sure that they would be ready for everything. This was when Mr. Flicklin told them that the land-use and the building codes needed to keep on being as flexible as they can be.


The Need to Know on Mr. Heiligenstein and CTRMA


As someone who has a very good career within Central Texas being a person that develops infrustructure, Mr. Heiligenstein is a very hard worker. He currently works for the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority as the leader of the agency. During the 2002 year, the creation of the CTRMA happened and it was designed with the purposed of being an official agency who would create new-age regional type of transportation network within the area of Central TX.

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Waiakea Spring Water’s Success In Just A Few Years Is Extraordinary

Waiakea Water announced in October 2015 that they had achieved a 5,000 percent growth since its establishment just 3 years before. Just in the year prior, the premium bottled water brand had added its product to almost 2,000 stores in 30 different states.

The brand that was founded on the platform of health, sustainability, and charitable initiatives announced that they would be establishing a new manufacturing facility to meet the substantial demand.

Founder of Waiakea water, Ryan Emmons, is very proud of the company’s extreme growth and stated that the company has gone from selling a couple thousand cases a year to more than 120,000 per year. What makes Emmons feel even prouder is that as a result of the company’s increase, over 500 million liters of clean water have found its way to underprivileged areas in Africa.

Part of Waiakea spring water’s mission is to inspire their customers to “drink ethically.” The company partnered with Pump Aid. Through this partnership, 650 liters of clean water is donated for every liter that is sold. Its charitable contributions, however, only make up one-third of their success.

Forbes said that Waiakea water boasts a mineral-rich, naturally alkaline, electrolyte-packed product. It is also naturally sourced from one of the most pure places on Earth and is packaged from 100 percent recyclable materials.

On average, the company has experienced an annual growth of 170 percent. The company is currently worth an estimated $10 million. This bottled water is available in premier chains all over the country, in places like Wawa and Whole Foods. It is beginning to experience international expansion as well. Learn more about Waiakea Water: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/waiakea-brings-clean-water-to-six-communities-in-rural-malawi-this-year-300311312.html

Waiakea was founded by Ryan Emmons in 2012. It is the first Hawaiian volcanic water of its kind. The company was founded on an unrivaled platform of healthy, sustainable, and charitable initiatives.

Emmons wanted to create a lifestyle brand that inspired a positive change. Their goal was to create a transformation within the industry, helping people to move away from singular profit and more towards a model that emphasized the planet and its people.

In 2015, Waiakea water had become the most awarded beverage in the entire continent. Its mission is to provide healthy water while having as little of an impact as possible. They plan to accomplish this while still contributing and promoting conservation and education for people in need. Waiakea’s slogan is, “Drink Healthy, Drink Sustainably, Drink Ethically.”

The volcanic water comes from Hawaii, through snowmelt and rain on the peak of the Mauna Loa volcano. This is one of the purest environments on the planet.

According to Specialty Foods, Waiakea water is sifted through thousands of feet of volcanic rock which enriches the water with a variety of minerals which make it rich in electrolytes and naturally alkaline.

Senior Living Life To The Fullest The Manse On Marsh San Luis Obispo

The Manse on Marsh has an extensive presence online. Facebook shows how the seniors are living it up in the community. People are enjoying sitting outside in the warm summer air, enjoying the sounds of jazz and the wonderful treats from the kitchen. No one is sad and everyone hopes to have their time to be up dancing. Painting on the veranda , sandwiches from the Bistro, and piano music in the foyer are some of the wonderful things going on at the Manse.

The Manse on Marsh offers short and long-term admissions. If you are needing a safe environment for your mom or dad, visit with Farron Bernhardt to see about options. Farron recently took over the position of CEO. He comes with a large background and extensive experience. He will help keep the Manse healthy and happy by adhering to rules and regulations. He also enjoys visiting with residents and their families. This is more than a job for Farron. It is a passion.

The grounds are not the only thing people enjoy when they visit the Manse. The inside is elegant and clean. The stairways are carpeted and the foyer houses comfortable seating. Dancing and singing are every day at the Manse. They are dedicated to their residents and making them happy. They provide care and assistance when needed. The nursing staff follows the care plans set by the Care plan team. The Activity Director is always busy making plans for group activities to improve the quality of life for the seniors.

People over the age of 60 can come to the facility. They have the choice between one bedroom apartments, cottages, private houses, and suites. Each one is ready for decorators. The apartments are fully furnished with cable, electricity, maintenance, and housekeeping. Laundry services are available and so is transportation to medical appointments as needed.

People visiting the Manse on Marsh will soon realize that everyone is family there. The onsite leadership team or owners, the care plan team and the workers are ready to make life the best that it can be. The Arroyo Grande, central coastal community may be the perfect place for living life to the fullest.

David Osio and his Real Estate Group Davos, announce a new Application

A new application has been announced by David Osio of Davos Real Estate Group. The application, named the Davos CAP calculator is meant to help the customers of the group get a rough estimate of the profit they may get from an investment before they spend their money on it. The Application was launched a few weeks ago.
The real estate group is a subsidiary of the parent company, The Davos Financial Group, also founded and headed by David Osio. The main reason it was developed was to help clients make informed choices when it comes to investment. This application is the first of the many upgrades the company will be making for their customers so that they can access actual and actionable information regarding all the investments that interest them. The latest technology was used in the development process, and the application is available for both IOS and android customers.
To build the application, the company got into a partnership with Gerald Gonzalez and a company known as Technolution. The app will be making estimations into how much a piece of property can appreciate so that the consumer can make the decision between investing in it and looking for alternative investments. The other great thing about this application is the fact that it has a mortgage calculator. The calculator is made in such a way that even before a client makes a purchase of a certain property, they can estimate how much their will be needed to pay as mortgage.

There are many other applications that have been created by this company. Their main aim is to improve the services they offer their clients. These applications have been helpful and because of them, the company has increased their capacity for new agents and is now able to accommodate 60 percent more than they did before. Also, because of the application, the company is boasting a 75 percent increase in their sales for the first half of this year.

About David Osio
The CEO of the Davos Real Estate Group, David Osio is an investor, financial advisor and expert in real estate. The journey of the man started in Southern America, when he attended the Universidad Catolica Andres Bello in Caracas Venezuela. After graduating, he applied for a post graduate in the US and got in. One of his first jobs was at the Miami Branch of the Banco Latino.

When it comes to the creation of initiatives that help clients create better investment portfolios, Osio is always at the forefront. He is also a family man and loves to do charity work.

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Norka Martinez Luque: The Legendary Musician

There is a new air of positivity flowing across her nostrils. He has a story in which motivation and inspiration are the order of the day. For this reason, the word impossible is nothing to discuss. It does not exist in her vocabulary. The Venezuelan is a dreamer. She is sweet. Norka Martinez Luque discovered her love for music and passion at a very tender age. She made it a clear goal to pursue her dreams. While she was a child, she dream that one day she would be a renowned singer. This kept her heart in tune to this day. For Norka, making history is the foundation of her days and years. For her, music is everything. Norka Luque lives for music. Therefore, all she does is to promote music and work to perfection.

Norka believes that the people need to listen to a new hope in music. She feels that musicians need to produce hope in every song they produce. As a matter of fact, she has made it her choice to give in every song to create new souls in people. A mark she will never erase even if she is gone from this world. Norka trusted that one day she would attain her mission in life. Her parents discovered her love for music. For this reason, they decided to take her to school and study music alongside the formal education. She began training at a local school with piano, voice practice, and flamenco. During her days, education was expensive, however, studying music was much more costly. However, her parents believed in the talent musician in Norka. They never relented until she got all she needed to face the world.

When Norka finished her secondary education, she flew to France and pursue further studies. She attended the University of France to study Business Administration alongside Culinary Arts. She was incredibly gifted at grasping content in class. However, her dream kept hitting her mind. She knew that her life would never be complete without music. For this reason, she decided to join a band in France. The Bad Moon Rising gave her the opportunity to work as a soloist and developed tat skill to perfection. She worked together with the band for some. Because there was a lack of enough support from the locals, she dropped out of the bad. She flew back to American where she met the renowned music legendary producer Emilio Estefan and brought her dream back to life.

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US Money Reserve Wins Awards For Educating Clients

The best business provides many services to its clientele, including educational. The World Wide Web has made this much easier due to its powerful technological features, like videos. Learn why US Money Reserve has won 4 awards for its creative, informative and high-quality videos.

“Educate Inform Share”

The online community might be one of the most creative marketplaces for ideas in human history. Anyone can connect directly with someone else, over time and space. The growth of videos has created the concept of a “global community.”

The best e-Commerce will share information with web site visitors. It is almost like free television where broadcasting is provided free-of-charge and the consumer has the option of watching the commercials. This places the products and services of the company in the mind of the consumer. So, why has US Money Reserve been so successful with its videography?

“Honest Appraisals”

In August 2016, the “2016 Videographer Awards” gave US Money Reserve four awards for creativity, brilliance and quality. Its Richard Petty infomercial won two “Awards of Excellence.” This “Award of Excellence” was given to those who wrote, produced or shot a video in a superior fashion.

This “Testimonial Show” ran 28:30 and showed why NASCAR driver Richard Petty purchased gold. The brilliance of this infomercial was how it appealed to “every man.” All citizens have some form of wealth and the wise can invest in gold, silver or platinum products from US Money Reserve to protect their estates.

“Breadth of Knowledge”

Simply, all rich people engage in wealth protection. The complication is that modern society seems to pretend that fiat paper bills are money. But, that is not really accurate.

“Gold is Money. Everything Else is Credit” = J.P. Morgan

When the United States of America was struggling through the “Panic of 1893,” J.P. Morgan saved it, by providing more money. In 1893, the United States had fallen down a “slippery slope” and found itself with too much debt.

The US Money Reserve holds to this truth. Both JP Morgan and Richard Petty had developed superior skills and continued to use these to succeed! US Money Reserve shares its valuable secrets with its customers. Four more awards for its trophy case – attest to its success!

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An Expression of Global Love

Lovaganza is a celebration of different nations and cultures, which will be presented to the world in 2020 in Frigiliana, Spain. The concept for Lovaganza is one that is all encompassing and important to the quickly combining world, and one that will be relevant to all parties involved, one way or the other. The interesting concept of this festival is love; a subject that everyone on the Earth is familiar with to one degree or another and can be defined as a fitting feature of what it means to be a Human being. We often forget in these times of technological innovation on Wikidot the importance of what love is and how emotion can effect us in the understanding and acceptance of people from different backgrounds and walks of life.

Lovaganza seeks to integrate the best of Human nature with the greatest in technological advancement . One of the main features of the festival will be the Extravaganza of Love, a 360 degree informational visualization of epic proportions that appropriately catalogs man’s ascension through the centuries into a total culmination of modern concepts and ideology. These ideas are literally brought to life in this presentation, where living actors and performers are able to showcase their cultural relevance and significance to the rest of the world. Lovaganza’s main website reveals a perfect depiction of what to expect with the Extravaganza of Love, showing a picturesque representation of a unit of traditional Zulu dancers performing in front of a roaring audience of interested and excited spectators. The performers reenact their cultural traditions in a stage surrounded by thousands of screaming anticipating fans.

It will be at Lovaganza that culturally illiterate people of the world will find equal footing and will be able to better understand and get to know one another on a more personal level. This is wonderful news, not only for Spain whose economy will see a boom during this time period, but also for the rest of the world who will see Lovaganza as an example of what we as Human beings as a whole can do when we combine our strengths together in order to fashion new and innovative ways to preserve and reveal who we really are to the rest of the world.

See: http://lovaganza.tumblr.com/

It is unknown whether or not this festival will be broadcast internationally, but there is already a call for individuals who are interested to get involved and do what they can to motivate others to do the same. If you are interested in becoming directly involved and be a part of modern day history then there is always a need for additional feedback and appointment within the ranks of those who care about this epic and truly impressive gathering of ethnic groups the world over.

Securus Technologies Welcomes Visitors

Securus Technologies wants the public to know what they do, and how much of a difference it is making in protecting the public from crime. They published an article that details what they do, and they also listed plenty of comments too. They are the leader in their industry, and they are proud to offer a great array of techniques that really work. When Securus Technologies is enlisted to help, they always deliver with products that work wonders, and increase the safety of the people.

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njhhJG2StgA


The comments that are listed in the article are from a variety of the officials at the correction facilities that Securus Technologies assists in protecting the pubic by solving and preventing crimes, including those that happen between inmates. They detail what they can do, and they invited people and potential investors to visit their headquarters in TX.


The company, Securus Technologies is well known in their field, making them a leader in their industry. They use technology to create ways to make the nation a safer place. Some of the techniques they use are video, investigation, acquiring public information and incident management. They are in constant contact with over 1,100,000 inmates that are housed in a variety of correction facilities throughout the country. When they create new ways to prevent and solve crimes, they find a new option on a weekly basis. This makes them highly sought after, especially by government, correction facilities. Securus Technologies takes great pride in how they deal with both the civil and criminal justice systems, and they are interested in making the world a better place for everyone to live in.