The Role Of End Citizens United In Upholding The Rule Of Law

James Bopp is the man behind the formation of End Citizens United. He has tirelessly worked to ensure that the organization is a success. At one time, when appearing before a federal judge, James Bopp was made the laughing stalk by the audience, counsel, judge and all those who were present in court that day.

During this time, the lawyer for End Citizens United was making his submissions on why his client should be granted orders to play a video. The 90 minutes film featured the former secretary of state and US presidential candidate on a Democrat ticket, Hillary Clinton. The content of the movie is the procedure and conduct of elections.

The film depicted Hillary Clinton as a western schemer and a ruthless European strategist. Once the film was released for viewing to the general public, the federal authorities placed a caveat on the film. The producer was banned from producing, distributing and playing the video until the campaign period was over. One of the main reason that was advanced for the ban was the length of the video. The authorities found out that the film was 90 minutes long and the content was therefore declared too long to serve the purpose.


Bopp was aggrieved by the decision and decided to petition the federal court to review the decision. He argued that the film was no different from a 60 minutes movie. On hearing the comparison, the federal judge laughed off at the comparison according to Bopp’s line of argument was that as the content creators, the elections federal authorities would have invoked the rights to first amendment protection before making a caveat.

Two years later, the Supreme Court sitting in the United States overturned the decision of the lower court. In its judgment, the apex court upheld almost all the arguments being advanced by James Bopp and his company. Since the actions of the apex court are legally binding under the doctrine of Stare Decisis, a case law was made on how campaign processes are funded.

James Bopp through his organization, the End Citizens United, is determined to ensure that all financial regulation laws are reviewed. The agenda for the change of the law is guided by the spirit and letter of the constitution, bill of rights and by strict adherence to the rule of law. Some of the specific legislation that End Citizens United seeks to overturn has been made on indigent and obscure cases. The company engages in thorough research before lodging a case in court. Remember, you will need to have a very substantive case in court if you want to file an appeal or challenge any set of law in the courts. Despite his achievements, James Bopp claims that he is far from completion, he will not relent until unfavorable laws are repealed.

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Securus Technologies Has My Respect

I love Securus Technologies. I love what they do. I love how they help people. I love the fact that they are social entrepreneurs. I love that when I pay them my money I know I am making the world a greater place. That is the power of somebody like Securus Technologies producing products that end evil things in the world.


Securus Technologies is driven by the passion to see less crime committed inside correctional facilities. One of the biggest causes of injuries and death in correctional facilities is inmate on inmate crime. These injuries of course do not just happen to inmates. They also happened to teachers at those facilities, guards at those facilities, and even the police at those facilities. Securus Technologies saw this as a problem and they decided to fix it.


Securus Technologies began to fix the problem by creating solutions that would increase correctional facility safety. They did this by creating products that allowed them to monitor prisoners while they walked about the jail cell. Should they see any suspicious activity, they could immediately investigate with their technology.


Inmates soon learned that even planning to do a crime against another person was easy to discover, and they would be punished harshly for trying to do such a thing.


Because Securus Technologies has done such a great work, we have watched inmate on inmate crime decrease in the facilities that use the products of Securus Technologies. Guards report feeling safer. Inmates have reported feeling more united and actually liking the guards.


What I want you to see here is this. You do not have to be a company that only cares about money. It is fully acceptable in this current age to create a business thag wants to meet the hurts and pains of this world.


The triumphs of Todd Lubar in real estate business

Real estate business has been in existence for as long as our own civilization and since time immemorial many people have always sought to build and own their own place. Over time this has evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry with many companies and individuals venturing into it with the aim of selling homes to people who cannot afford the money and time to build them for themselves.

The United States real estate industry has for many years enjoyed many booming periods that have seen many Americans finally attain their dream to own houses. This booming real estate business has been geared by many factors but investors who go out of their way to take the risk to build such houses have been its drivers for a long time. One good example of such investors is Todd Lubar who has definitely left a mark of his own through the many real estate properties that he has helped build.

Todd Lubar first delved into this business in 1995 when the industry was experiencing g an unprecedented growth with many people in urban America wanting to buy and own houses. This was indeed a great idea and it did not take him a long time before his first taste of profits started flowing in.

When joining the industry, Lubar set out as an investor and developer and through his innovative ability begun offering loans to those that wanted to buy home with an extra fee on repayment. This took off as a good business opportunity and soon after he began a mortgage company through which he could offer more loans to people so that they could buy houses. He named the new company Crestor Mortgage Corporation and through it he served more and more clients hoping to own or build houses.

Through the profits generated through his new company, Todd Lubar again invested in another company through the acquisition of an equity stake in Legacy Financial Group a company that mainly dealt with the construction of homes. This cemented his investment goals in the real estate and through this newly acquired company; he was able to front more loans to other big investors in the same sector. View his full bio on


Dick DeVos: Businessman: Accomplished Author:

*Dick DeVos a True Success Story:


Dick DeVos is an American Businessman and accomplished author fro the state of Michigan. At present, Dick DeVos has an overall net worth of around 5 Billion dollars.


Mr. DeVos has a very interesting life and successful work history. Dick DeVos purchased the NBA team called Orlando Magic back in the early 1990’s. It is said that DeVos purchased the Orlando Magic team for around $80 Million dollars. Mr. DeVos was formally the owner of the Solar Bears as well as the Kansas City Blades.


Dick DeVos had great success with his sports franchises over the years. DeVos also owned three hockey league franchises. In early 2011, Dick DeVos made a surprising announcement that he planned on reviving the Solar Bears sports team as part of an expansion franchise project. Mr. DeVos plans for the revival of the Solar Bears was completed in October 2012.


Aside from his success within the business world, DeVos also sat in various boards and councils throughout his career. Dick DeVos currently sits on the Board of trustees of the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. The National Constitution Center is a museum which is dedicated to the U.S. Constitution.


Dick DeVos is an accomplished author as well as Businessman. DeVos had written several books. One of the books that DeVos published called “Compassionate Capitalism” was a best seller and received considerable recognition.


Another best seller called “Lessons in Life” is a book that Dick DeVos wrote after a heart surgery ordeal. This particular book focuses upon living life to the fullest but also stresses the importance of physical fitness and health.


*Education & Affiliations:


Dick DeVos graduated from Calvin College and was an active member of a Fraternity. DeVos has donated a great deal of money for educational causes. In addition, he supports the Republican Party and many causes associated with the Republicans.


Dick DeVos shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. DeVos is an ambitious person who has always had a strong work ethic. Dick DeVos believes in giving back and helping those less fortunate.


The Wonderful Life Of A Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide

Traveling Vineyard is an organization that offers you the opportunity to work in the comfort of your house and earn money by simply being a wine guide. The organization started out in a back yard where they offered simple wine tasting. Its aim is to provide wine tastings in a more laid back setting so their clients get to fully appreciate their drinks.

For those interested in joining the wine guide’s team-The tasting room is where all the magic happens. This is a training center that does not require you to leave home in order to visit. It’s an all inclusive online training therefore everything and anything that you need to know about the business is there. This online training schools you on how to approach clients as well as how to advertise the items being sold.

As soon as you’ve successfully signed up and officially become a wine guide, you’re handed a success kit that has all of the tools required to get you started. This includes two tasting sets of five bottles of wine to enable you to offer clients a sample of the wines that are available.

Traveling Vineyard incorporates liberty, flexibility, and fun. As a wine guide you get the luxury of choosing to work a few hours each day or several hours a week as you would at a full-time job. In addition, you get to learn about the different kinds of wine all over the globe while getting an opportunity to meet and interact with new people every day.

Traveling Vineyard presents diverse options of wine that meet the different tastes and preferences along with the provision of wine accessories in order to boost your wine drinking experience. Their cellars offer some of the most exquisite wines from across the globe. They own quite the extensive collection which includes the likes of inzolia, chardonnay, pinot blanc, sauvignon blanc,, cabernet sauvignon and many more

They deploy a procedure in which their clients personally get to sample their truly refined wine options right before purchase- This procedure entails their esteemed wine guides offering tastings of Traveling Vineyard exclusive wines that are brought right at your doorstep at absolutely no cost. They are pretty active on their social media platforms especially their Facebook account in which they post on an almost daily basis while ensuring their clients are more involved in all aspects of their business.

From Humble Beginnings George Soros Makes A Difference in The World

George Soros is a man who despite his fame and fortune, never really wanted to be in the limelight of the public eye. He started his life in humble beginnings, born in Hungary; he lived his early life in Budapest during which time he had to struggle to survive as a Jew during the Nazi occupation. He did things that not many of us would be able to find the internal fortitude to do just to stay alive, and it changed his outlook of life, and humanity. It was the beginnings of a set of changes that would lead him to not only great financial success, but to also great acts of kindness and philanthropy that have made a major impact on the world at large.

George fled Hungary when he was a young adult and moved to London, where he enrolled in the London School of Economics where he gained a degree while working as a railroad porter and a waiter. After completing school, he got his first job in the financial sector when he took a position with a merchant bank. Soon he found that he was a natural with money and the intricacies of complex financial. Some said that it seemed as if he had a god given talent, a natural instinct for making the right financial moves at the right time.

He later moved to New York City, where he started a Wall Street career that led to the development of his own hedge fund, now known as The Quantum Fund, with only $12M. Even to this day he is a driving force behind Soros Fund Management, his family office, which currently holds more than $30B in gross assets. Read more about George at The New York Times.

In the United States he is best known, perhaps, for his political activism and work toward equality for all. These are important concepts to George Soros, who believes that all men are created equal and that it is the inherent responsibility of governments to provide for the greater good while not infringing on the inalienable human rights of freedom and self-growth. He is a vibrant component of the modern political landscape in the United States, being a fair but outspoken critic of President Donald Trump, while also funding many public outcry events on topics ranging from Ferguson, to marriage equality, to “RussiaGate”, to the dismantling of Dodd-Frank, and changes to environmental protection regulations which may harm the planet. He is an outspoken critic of international policies which deny human rights, and has worked with many human rights and charitable aid foundations to help those affected by poverty and low education in Africa and Asia. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

George Soros is a man who never wanted to be famous, and he certainly didn’t set out to be one of the richest men in the world, but through both, he found the ways and means to do the one thing that he did always want to do, help others and make the world a better place.

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Duda Melzer 101 – An Intro.

No Ordinary Leader but Far, Far, More – Duda Melzer, Exceptional and Beyond

Duda Melzer always seems to have an answer for anything that comes his way, even for questions that others ask him. A top expert, he is often asked about what inspires him to make a remarkable legacy upon the world. To this, he adds multiple answers and perspectives: This only shows his versatility and his ability to function in numerous areas at once; this young leader is a born entrepreneur. He has already done so much and is not even 50 years old yet. Check out Valor for more info.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer also founded one of the top consultant businesses in Brazil, which was the first of its kind. He also states his firm beliefs that any family-run business with professional management is set for greater things and can make its way to the top. He believes in family businesses that are “done right” and adding a professional twist on each matter. You can visit Odiario to know more.

He became the RBS Group’s Chairman of the Board of Directors last year. His business began in Brazil, but he slowly and surely worked his way into U.S. markets. He now speaks Portuguese and English fluently. He was originally appointed as Executive President for the RBS group in 2012, a ceremonial occasion that he’ll never forget. The ceremony was held in the presence of numerous coworkers and family members alike:

This gave a special feel.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is married to his wife, and they both have three children. The entire family resides in Brazil. Duda’s continually known for his advertisements and shares time with other passions, such as sports.

He has also participated in numerous modalities. His favorite is the race car scene. He’s a member of the National Council for Self-Regulatory Advertising as well, making solutions that stick.

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Clearabee-Delivering Customer Satisfaction

Clearabee is a man and van rubbish removal service that is professional and cares about the customer. They began with just one vehicle in 2013 in Northampton and have since grown to become a nationwide company with a fleet of 65 vehicles and a staff of over 165 trained employees.


Clearabee is currently serving the London area for rubbish removal and is a company that is eco-friendly and affordable. They do not charge for congestion and they offer a Beeloyal program to their customers that gives them a discount on qualifying orders. They do not subcontract so you can be assured that your rubbish will end up at a waste management facility. You can even track your skip bag.


Clearabee is a dependable and professional rubbish removal service that can handle most all rubbish removal jobs. There is very rarely anything that they cannot haul away. They provide their rubbish removal services to both residential and businesses and they are easy to book with either online or over the telephone.


Clearabee is open six days a week and they provide their rubbish removal services in the day or night and even on weekends. They strive to please their customers and give their best. All you need to do is gather up your unwanted items, make an appointment, and they will handle all the rest. They will give you a quote over the phone and after they inspect the rubbish for removal so you know exactly what it will cost before hand. No surprises.

Easing Traffic Congestion Using Technology

Traffic congestion leads to time wastage and in most cases disruption of a day’s activities. Congestion has too many disadvantages and hence, the need to curb them as much as possible to minimize time wastage. Much has been done aimed towards minimizing traffic jams including the widening of roads, but the problem continues to be on the rise. It is time to embrace technology and try to ease challenge.


Mobility Authority, the public firm building the MoPac Express Lanes has shown its commitment in trying to ease traffic congestion with numerous state of the art innovations that are technology inclusive. The Express lane will comprise of different tolling capacities which will examine the demand at hand and consequently forecast the traffic flow. At the same time, it will be easy to determine if the initiative will ease the congestion or not!


They are also thinking of putting up smart roads utilizing fiber lines which will be able to detect any irregularity that may occur during traffic. They have also joined hands with Metropia to develop a real-time traffic app that can be able to provide road users with information about the best routes to follow at a particular time.


Mobility Authority roads have the walk and bicycle lanes that go hand in hand with the main roads. This is to encourage road users to walk and cycle once in a while which can also reduce traffic congestion by reducing the number of road users at a particular time.


About Mike Heiligenstein


Mike Heiligenstein has been a public worker for over 30 years a period in which he has held many different positions including being a member of Round Rock City Council and serving as the County Commissioner of Williamson County; he was a chair of the Clean Air force. Currently, he works at the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority where he is the Executive Director.


Mike Heiligenstein has a huge interest in the development of modern and technology associated with roads which is aimed at easing congestion. He also is an activist on encouraging people to walk and cycle to reduce congestion and help in keeping fit. This is why all the roads he has led in construction have an allowance for people to walk and cycle.


Mike Heiligenstein holds a Government degree and masters as well as a Business Administration Masters, all which he attained from the University of Texas. With his track of good work and rich experience, he is regularly called upon to give public lectures on infrastructure.


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Lori Senecal’s Legacy as CEO for CP+B

Lori Senecal has been the Global CEO for CP+B since March 2015. She has been instrumental in transforming CP+B into a global agency. Lori is, however, expected to exit from her role in the company at the end of this year. Lori has been responsible for overseeing CP+B’s growth and expansion while managing the agency’s nine international offices.

According to Fast Company, in October 2015, Lari Senecal made one of her biggest contribution to the firm by landing American Airlines. Her leadership prowess and focus helped to develop the agency, earning CP+B recognition from Advertising Age as being among “Creativity Innovators of the Year” while at the same time naming Lori among top four “Agency Executives to Watch” in 2016. She approached leadership with visions and the determination to ensure their actualization with tangible results.

Senecal is a pioneer in creating innovative advertising techniques. She also specializes in innovative technology solutions, which solve business problems. CP+B have continued to provide world-class results for clients by use of new and broad creative toolbox that fully utilize technology, and Senecal has ensured that the firm maintains its status in the industry. She believes in the use of communication to enhance productivity in innovative strategies as well as building solutions that drive the firm forward. During her tenure at CP+B, Lori ensured international consistency and strengthened the local position of the agency.

About Lori Senecal

Lori graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor’s degree in marketing and finance. She served as President of McCann Erickson in New York where she helped major brands like Xbox and Coca-Cola in developing successful advertising campaigns. Lori also served as Global Chairman and CEO of KBS where she managed to grow it from a 250-person agency to over 900 people.

Lori Senecal has been the Global CEO for CP+B for two years. She has received an award from AWNY Game Changer Awards with a Quantum Leap for leadership and innovation. Senecal also served at Ad Council Board of Directors and the 4A’s as a member.

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