American Institute of Architects: Promoting a Positive Image for Architects

Promoting a positive image for a certain profession is essential. Stereotypes are one of the main reason why professions has to promote themselves positively in the eyes of the public, and one of the classic examples are the thought that lawyers are the best liars and doctors have an ugly handwriting. The American Institute of Architects, under the leadership of Robert Ivy, is an organization that aims to promote a positive image for architecture and American architects as well. The organization wanted to change the public’s perception about architects, making it more positive leaning. The American Institute of Architects also wanted to inform the public about the importance of the profession, and how it is actually helping the society.

Headquartered in Washington D.C., The American Institute of Architects is considered as one of the oldest organizations established in the United States. They are monitoring the professional architects who are currently in the United States and are practicing their profession. Founded in 1857, the organization is making sure that architects practicing in the country are subject to their rules and regulations. They wanted to make sure that each architect practicing in the United States are not involved in any malpractice, or unethical behavior that can damage the positive image of the profession. Their primary objective is to educate the public about architecture and to develop the areas in the country that has poor infrastructures. Robert Ivy is the current leader of the American Institute of Architects. He is also serving as the executive vice president and CEO of the organization since 2011, and he is responsible for checking the welfare of the American architects.

He attended the Sewanee: The University of the South, where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in English. Robert Ivy graduated cum laude, and after graduating, He decided to continue his studies. He enrolled himself at the Tulane University, and took up a master’s degree in Architecture. Immediately after graduating, Robert Ivy searched for a job. In 1995, He worked as an editor in chief for Architectural Record. The Architectural Record is a publication that tackles about the present condition of the profession in America, and when Robert Ivy took over as the editor in chief, the publication became one of the most popular reading materials for architecture. Robert Ivy also joined the McGraw-Hill Construction Media, serving as the editorial director and vice president.

Robert Ivy has received several awards because of his excellent track in the field of architecture. Robert Ivy is proud of his achievements, and he is encouraging the younger generation to take up a course in architecture. Today, he is still overseeing the welfare of the architects who are practicing in the United States, making sure that they are working under the best conditions. Learn more: