Roberto Santiago is the most prominent business entrepreneur in Paraiba State. He was born in Joao Pessoa and was raised in the same town. He later joined Pio X-Marist School and attended the Joao Pessoa College where he pursued Business Administration degree. Roberto began his profession at the Brazilian Manufacturing concern known as Café Santa Rosa. He later resigned from that firm and initiated his own corporation, which specified in vending boxes made of cardboard.

When the cartonnage corporation started generating profits. In 1987 Roberto ventured into real estate. The decision became the best one he forever made in construction his selection as an entrepreneur. He purchased ha land and constructed Maneira Mall. The shopping mall is constructed on approximately 75000 meters plot in the Joao Pessoa city. It consumed about two years for him to comprehend this vision and fit it into realism. The Mall was launched in 1989. It consists of around 280 supplies comprising a gaming area, theatre, Shopping stores together with several food courts, a gym, a college and financial institutions.

The shopping mall boasts of holding one of Brazil’s well-known halls, the Domus Hall which is situated along the rooftop. The gallery has sufficient space to swarm conferences, weddings, graduation ceremonies, and exhibitions. It lodges up to 4000 chairs although can it accommodate up to 10000 standing persons. The room has been elevated and fitted with walls which are soundproof, air conditioners and a high-tech harmony system.

The Manaira Shopping precinct has also vexed to retain other entertaining choices including gaming zones that are suitable for both kids and adults. It assembles at eighteen thousand bases. The gaming extent has above 200 gambling apparatuses advanced to date. It also crowds various cafeterias to befits every individual tastes and preference. Roberto cleverly picked the mall’s location that is situated between 2 shores giving purchasers great vision. Subsequently, The Manaira Shopping precinct claims a gigantic number of guests; space has been billed to around 135 feet this can shelter parking for about three thousand vehicles

Roberto founded another shopping mall named Mangaira in 2013. The Mall has no big distinction from Manaira by it’s various and considerable commercial impacts. The existence of the two shopping malls has fascinated numerous rewards into the adjacent area. Many companies and initiatives have transferred to the town uplifting the economy. The two malls have additionally created job opportunity for its innate inhabitants giving an improvement to the budget. Furthermore, over the years, the land nearby the two shopping malls has valued significantly, with many individuals settling in the zone for suitability. Since the living standards have been growing over the days, Roberto has become an innovator in posing comforting amenities for both entertainment seekers and shoppers.

Justin Brown Takes Over Heyman Talent-South

Justin Brown of Wilhelmina Austin now heads up Heyman Talent-South of Austin, Texas and the talent and modeling agency is now brandishing a new name.


Now known as The Brown Agency, the conglomeration, which has always provided talent to the largest business prospects in the world, seems to be in a position to propel itself far into the future with continued success and acclamation.


The acquisition of talent agency was made in September 2015. The growth was predicted to be exponential and it occurs that this was a good move for Wilhelmina.


Wilhelmina Austin was founded in 2010. The sound judgement and astute business decisions by Brown placed him in prime position to scoop up Heyman Talent-South at the most opportune time.


The portfolio of talent at Heyman Talent-South was very phenomenal when the talent agency was acquired which made the involvement even more desirable.


The central offices are located in Austin, Texas with satellite locations around the U.S. and the world. The founder of Heyman Talent-South will continue on with Brown to offer insight and any required input that would guarantee the success of the agency’s procurement in the theatre arm of the talent agency.  To see more you can visit



Many of the leading brands in the world such as Louis Vuitton, Dell, Toyota, L’Oreal seek out The Brown Agency for their talent exigencies and committments. Justin Brown, the CEO and President of The Brown Agency proves that his leadership and long list of satisfied clients are world class and up and above board when it comes to modeling and talent.



It is no wonder that many would vie to be a part of this talent composit. However, due to the acuity necessary to be a contender in the talent and modeling field, only the best and the brightest get the chances to represent The Brown Agency to their clients.


The necessary acuity then is what makes The Brown Agency the success that it is and what has always made the Heyman Talent-South Agency the more favored agency to attain by many over the years.


Heyman Talent-South joining with Wilhelmina is a success story in itself. One for the note-worthy books.




Clayton Hutson Makes Music Better for Everyone

Since Clayton Hutson goes to concerts and on tour with different artists, he knows there are things he can do to make the music better. He also knows things will keep changing for artists who use his services. He felt good about everything he offered the artists and that’s how he made sense of everything he did. He always wanted other artists to get the same experiences and the same opportunities as what he had so he pushed forward to give them a chance at a better opportunity. It was his goal of helping that allowed Clayton Hutson the chance to do things the right way. It also helped him continue making positive choices for all the artists he helped. While he was engineering their sound, he found the importance of learning about the venues that each artist would be at. If he could learn about the venues, he could set things up so they would work better for each of the artists.

As long as Clayton Hutson knew how to help people, he felt confident he could keep giving back to them. He also felt there were ways he could make a difference that would help him show other people how everything would keep getting better. It’s his goal of helping that allows Clayton Hutson the chance to do things better and the chance to make sure they’re getting more from the options they have. Clayton Hutson likes giving other people things they can use while they’re in their concert venues.

Even when Clayton Hutson tries helping people, he feels good about the things that are going on and feels there are things that will help him. He knows what it takes to give other people the right opportunities and isn’t afraid of making sure other people have ideas about what they can do to help. It’s his goal of providing people with great music that helps him show everyone the right way to run the concerts and the right things they can do to make sure the concerts work for them. Between his hard work and everything he puts into the business, Clayton Hutson knows what it means to continue helping. Learn more:

Global Inspiration: William H. Saito

William H. Saito is a talented individual who has influenced many throughout his career. He is Special Advisor of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Office for Japan’s government. He is the former Vice Chairman of Palo Alto Networks. He was listed amongst the “100 Most Influential People in Japan.” From an early age, he had a strong interest in software programming. In elementary school, Saito began software programming.


By his high school years, he had initiated and founded his own company. In 1998, Saito was named “Entrepreneur of the Year” by multiple publications including USA Today, Ernst & Young and NASDAQ. He has received global recognition as a cybersecurity founder. He is an official board member of WEF (World Economic Forum). His position advises official national governments on a global scale. William H. Saito has an autobiography titled “An Unprogrammed Life.” His autobiography was published by John Wiley and Sons in 2011.

Saito’s Opinions and Life Experiences

Saito was asked his opinions pertaining to finical turmoil and the effect it has had on start-up companies. As a result of his background as an advisor, he is knowledgeable and qualified to give advice on this topic. The interviewer asked Saito how financial challenges have affected start-up companies in Japan. Saito says that during times of financial difficulties, the most successful start-up companies are formed. He believes that “now is the time” for companies to be initiating their efforts because of the opportunity and the possibilities available.

The interviewer then asks how it is possible for companies to receive funding when there are times of finical hardships. Saito says that start-ups are exposed to real-life financial constraints when receiving investment funds. He says that start-up companies are much more careful and diligent with their finances when funds are low. Saito explains that when the company does grow and become successful, the difficult times will keep them consistent and responsible to carry the business forward.

The interviewer asked William H. Saito about business risk in the United States versus business risk in Asian countries. Saito says failure in Asian countries tends to lead entrepreneurs to bounce back and quickly try again. He says that in the United States, failure is perceived as part of the process of becoming successful. Saito says there are differences in the way each culture perceives the road to success.


How To Use NGP Van Minivan Manager

Launching a campaign for a political office can be quite challenging. It requires tremendous work if you hope to be successful in your bid. Some of the necessary activities that you must engage in to ensure you have a successful bid include building an effective communication plan, developing social media accounts and a website, creating a brand identity, enlisting the services of volunteers etc. You must also be able to make thousands of calls and knock on many more doors.


One of the most effective ways of engaging with voters and supporters is to go door to door. Although this is an effective means of voter engagement, traditionally this process generates tons and tons of paper, not to mention the hundreds of hours that will be spent in the data entry phase. Aside from these, the traditional means of canvassing lacks the accountability that is required in an effective campaigning program.


This is where MiniVan and MiniVan Manager comes into the picture. With MiniVan and Minivan manager canvassing has become much easier, as it has become paperless, more accountable and has an integration with NGP VAN. It is also quite easy to use. What organizers simply need to do is to select a list and then have it sent to their smartphones.


When the canvasser opens MiniVan on their phone they are greeted by a map that populates target houses on the canvasser’s turf. Next is to follow the script on the screen and input your answers as you proceed. This application relays real-time canvas information back to NGP VAN.


There is no way you can be serious about canvassing without adding MiniVan Manager to your campaign. With MiniVan manager, you have access to a real-time dashboard of canvas information submitted by other canvassers both on the field or in the office.


The most effective means of improving the accountability of your canvassing is by having access to up-to-the-minute statistics from the field. In order for you to know more, you can schedule an appointment with a specialist at NGP VAN. NGP VAN has over the years proven to be very effective as it has helped dozens of progressive and democratic candidates to have a successful campaign.


Whitney Wolfe Gets Glamorous For Wedding, Speaks Her Mind And Knocks Tinder Out Of Top Spot

Whitney Wolfe heard has been able to pursue a career and do what she wanted to do even though there has been a lot of opposition coming her way. She has managed to create a very interesting life for herself, and everything from her personal life to her business affairs have been getting a great amount of attention.

Fans of the entrepreneur that got married recently can check pictures and acquire the story to the fairy tale with her husband Michael Herd and the Vogue magazine. The 2017 article highlights the love affair that begin for Whitney Wolfe in 2013. Vogue highlights the glamorous dress that she wore for her wedding, but the magazine also gives the backstory of Whitney Wolfe and Michael Herd, oil and gas entrepreneur and restaurant business man.

There has been so much talk about this union that it has appeared to be much like that of a celebrity couple. This is the type of buzz that has been generated about Whitney Wolfe because she has done so much to inspire a world of women that are interested in building businesses for themselves.


Whitney Wolfe has managed to do well herself by creating the type of life that has allowed her to speak her mind and voice her opinions even when the rest of the world has remained silent.

What Whitney Wolfe represents is a whole new nation of women that are not afraid to stand up because they are in positions of leadership and ownership. With her company she has gained a powerful business player position because she did not cower down and step back when she was working with another company that she helped create. A lot of women have seen this as motivation because they have been in positions where they feel that they cannot talk about sexual harassment for the fear of getting fired.

Whitney Wolfe gained a lot of attention when she decided to file a sexual harassment lawsuit at a company that she helped create. This was tide changing lawsuit where she would break ties with what was once the top dating app for the young single women. It appears that Whitney Wolfe acquired justice with her lawsuit, and there’s also a bit of sweet revenge that comes from knocking Tinder from the top spot. For dating apps users Bumble is clearly the better choice for women that want something different.

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