Why Rocketship Education is a Preferred Learning Institution

Like every other New Year, January brings with it a new series of New Year’s resolutions made of goals and fresh ideas. New Year’s resolutions do not just represent the current stage in people’s lives but also the direction in which they are heading in life. In the New Year’s resolutions, students are not left behind as they complete the society. In fact, students are always on the frontline of developing new resolutions now that they are growing to become industrious individuals who are set to join the world of employment.

Background Data

Given that students continue with their grading system in the New Year, they are supposed to come up with strategies that would, later on, offer the right direction to follow regarding achieving goals and objectives. For a school like Rocketship Education, these strategies are defined as teacher’s objectives in the institution. That is why students of Rocketship Education work hand in hand with their teachers in order to boost their grades.


For Rocketship Education, student’s success relies on their hard work. That explains why the institution has a different teaching style. Coupled with a comfortable environment, Rocketship Education students have always thrived in an innovative learning atmosphere. Not only are the students entitled to that but they also they work with teachers who commit to giving their absolute best in ensuring that scholars are provided with stable as well as successful academic experience.


Rocketship Education scholars are privileged to receive support from their peers as well as school staff. That way, their goals are easily met. Moreover, the experience at Rocketship Education contributes their holistic being. Additionally, simple plans like incorporating a healthy diet, adding more sleeping sessions into the school curricular and setting more time aside for homework make the learning process easier and worth the struggle.

Describing Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education is a charter school that was established by John Danner with the assistance of Preston Smith. First launched in California in 2007, the institution has been helping scholars to attain incredible grades. Thanks to the management, most students have registered impressive performance over the years. At its core, Rocketship Education commits its students to a team of trained teachers.

Enhanced Athlete Triumph Over Nutrition Distribution’s Request for an Injunction

A Cheyenne, Wyoming based company that deals with bodybuilding and fitness, Enhanced Athlete, has induced the court to deny an injunction in a lawsuit brought forth by Nutrition Distribution. Apparently, Nutrition Distribution had filed a case in the US District Court of the Eastern District of California claiming that its sales had gone down due to its competitor’s false advertising of products . The case did not come as a surprise as the Nutrition Distribution Company has more than 70 other similar cases pending against other competitors. Not to mention that the company has sent hundreds of cease and desist letters in demand for settlement payments.


In the case Nutrition Distribution, LLC v. Enhanced Athlete, Inc., et al. (E.D. Cal, Case N.2:17-cv-2069-JAM-CKD), the serial plaintiff sought a preliminary injunction against defendant Enhanced Athlete arguing that the defendant’s false advertising of products  has harmed its sales. However, the plaintiff had a difficult time to convince the United States District Court Judge that there was a connection between the false adverts run by the Enhanced Athlete and the drop in sales of its company.


In their defense, the renowned Enhanced Athlete Company has made the claim that the plaintiff was in a blackmail business of shakedown lawsuits to persuade other wellness companies to pay a certain amount of dollars lest they face requisite legal fees defending against the plaintiff’s merit-less claims. The defendant further explained that Nutrition Distribution could not show and has not been able to prove that it has suffered actual damage because there is not even a causal connection between Nutrition Distribution’s lost sales and the alleged false advertising by its plaintiff’s targets. The judge could not have any more of this. He declined the Nutrition Distribution’s request for an injunction. He ruled in favor of the Enhanced Athlete probably marking the turn of tables for the much insecure Nutrition Distribution Company. Well, maybe it’s time Nutrition Distribution swallows the bitter pie and stops blaming competitors for their continued downfall as the odds continue been against them.


The legal attorney employed by the Enhanced Athlete company, Michael Adams of Rutan & Tucker, LLP said that the court’s order is just the latest in the line of decisions to find that Nutrition Distribution is yet to establish any link between the Nutrition Distribution alleged lost sales and the defendants’ alleged false adverts. In his remarks, CEO of Enhanced Athlete, Scott Cavell remarked that Enhanced Athlete was not going to be another victim of Nutrition shakedown scheme. He continued to say that as long as other wellness companies adhered to paying this nuisance value settlement fees, Nutrition Distribution will carry on with its new business in town, shakedown lawsuits.


You can find the facility in one of its locations, Carson City, Nevada. Enhanced Athlete pioneers human revolution and seeks to maintain its high-level standards of customer satisfaction. You know what the fanatics of Enhanced Athlete say, “They crush ignorance and unites friends of freedom.”


Duda Melzer Digital Presence Expanding

Duda Melzer is known, quite rightfully, as a leader in Brazilian business. A huge part of this business includes the digital presence of his companies. His competitors need to start worrying right about now, as Duda Melzer has just announced that his e.Bricks business platform will start expanding the digital presence of traditional brick and mortar stores that did not previously have a presence in the online community. Check out pauliceiadojazz to know more.

This next step that Duda Melzer Founder is taking is a great opportunity for not only Brazilian businesses but for the entire country as well. Duda Melzer applied very strict requirements for any business to apply to become part of the e.Bricks digital community. After the business was accepted into the fold, private equity firms invested into the businesses to give them enough working capital to establish an online presence. You can visit their website eduardosirotskymelzer.com

This e.Bricks venture holds great promise as Duda Melzer is no stranger to unconventional media endeavors. In fact, one of his companies he was associated with in the past, BoxTop Media, was known to specialize in exactly this. It is for this reason that Brazil and the rest of the world wait with baited breath to see exactly what E.Bricks has in store for the country they seek to help.

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