American Institute of Architects and the paradigm shift

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has been in existence since the year 1857. It is a professional body mandated by the federal government to educate, train and as well as issue operating licenses to qualified architects. The institution currently has a total membership of 87, 890. It has its headquarters in Washing D.C. Robert Ivy is the current Chief Executive Officer of the institution. Although the main office of the institution is based in Washington, there are branches all over the country. There are different chapters of the institution in almost every state, and each one of them operates autonomously.

Robert Ivy has been at the helm of the institution for over seven years and has been praised for his relentless efforts of introducing sweeping changes in the institution. Ivy is a registered architect, and at one point he worked as a magazine editor. Lately, he has been on a mission to ensure that architects get involved in different other fields besides design and construction. According to him, times have changed, and there’s a great need for architects to collaborate with software developers and other professionals to bring diversity in their field of profession.

The soft-spoken CEO believes that architecture can bring about numerous changes in different areas such as improving health as well as offering disaster relief solutions. That is probably why in recent months AIA has been receiving attention outside the design and construction industry. The institution recently at the Clinton Global Initiative’s Annual meeting announced a ten-year commitment plan to create solutions and program directed towards sustainability, resilience to natural disaster as well as public health. Robert Ivy while talking to Sun Joo Kim of Smart Planet expressed hope that the institutions’ ambitious plan will bear fruits shortly.

SmartPlanet: Can you think of a scenario where architecture can be used to improve public health?

Robert Ivy: Design has played a major role throughout history in the public health sector. Without architecture, we wouldn’t be having the Olmsted of Central Park in New York and several other nice building around.

SmartPlanet: The AIA has recently been seen partnering with an organization outside the architectural sector, what do you think about that?

Robert Ivy: You are right. That is what we are trying to do as an institution. We want to move out from the old way of doing things and start thinking outside the box. Read this article:

Academy Of Art University Displays Designs With Flair

The Academy of Art University formerly known as the Academy of Art College is located in San Francisco, California. It’s roots date back to 1929 and has been a institution of education for the creative and imaginative among us. It has continued to grow as students with a desire to share their ability to express themselves through art and design enroll and learn to hone their abilities.

At New York Fashion Week, students from there Academy of Art University were given a platform to display their creativity. During the school’s 21st runway showcase, ten of the recent BFA and MFA graduates had the opportunity to share their women’s wear and men’s wear collections. The range of talent among the diverse group of designers delighted the audience with the variety of ideas and craftsmanship among them. The variety and display of colors, textures and trends proved an exciting expression of ideas.

The Academy of Art University continues to grow the academic opportunities available to their students. They offer undergraduate and graduate courses, along with continuing education, high school completion programs and pre college courses. The university also offers several degrees online starting back in 2002.

Set in the heart of San Francisco, the Academy of Art University offers students the chance for urban living while continuing their eduction. Students will be inspired by the city around them. While learning and seeing real life examples of art displayed around them.

Each year in San Francisco the university gives students the chance to display their work. Seventy different shows are available to students and alumni to participate in at a variety of galleries around the city of San Francisco. They are the first school to be invited to display their work at the well known, New York Fashion Week, twice a year.

If you are considering attending the Academy of Art University, it’s easy to get started. Schedule a tour or visit the campus during an open house. They offer housing and dining facilities for their students, and financial aid is available to those who will take the time to apply. Continuing education and study abroad opportunities are also a great way to take advantage of getting an education through the Academy of Art University.

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