The triumphs of Todd Lubar in real estate business

Real estate business has been in existence for as long as our own civilization and since time immemorial many people have always sought to build and own their own place. Over time this has evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry with many companies and individuals venturing into it with the aim of selling homes to people who cannot afford the money and time to build them for themselves.

The United States real estate industry has for many years enjoyed many booming periods that have seen many Americans finally attain their dream to own houses. This booming real estate business has been geared by many factors but investors who go out of their way to take the risk to build such houses have been its drivers for a long time. One good example of such investors is Todd Lubar who has definitely left a mark of his own through the many real estate properties that he has helped build.

Todd Lubar first delved into this business in 1995 when the industry was experiencing g an unprecedented growth with many people in urban America wanting to buy and own houses. This was indeed a great idea and it did not take him a long time before his first taste of profits started flowing in.

When joining the industry, Lubar set out as an investor and developer and through his innovative ability begun offering loans to those that wanted to buy home with an extra fee on repayment. This took off as a good business opportunity and soon after he began a mortgage company through which he could offer more loans to people so that they could buy houses. He named the new company Crestor Mortgage Corporation and through it he served more and more clients hoping to own or build houses.

Through the profits generated through his new company, Todd Lubar again invested in another company through the acquisition of an equity stake in Legacy Financial Group a company that mainly dealt with the construction of homes. This cemented his investment goals in the real estate and through this newly acquired company; he was able to front more loans to other big investors in the same sector. View his full bio on