About the WIT Press: How to Access Learning Materials and Journals

There are many people who are really interested in learning more about science and technology. It is not just enough to look things up online. Reading journals and books on the subject of your interest is also important. If you are interested in technology and emerging global trends such as climate change and sustainable development, you can get as much information on that by reading journal articles on the subject.

At the Wessex Institute of Technology, there are publications which you can make good use of. Their press is known for the serious books and journals which they have published over the years. They not only avail their books in print form but they also make them available electronically. This is one of the ways on which researchers, scientists, students and even lecturers get access to useful material for their varied uses.If you want to access the materials published by the WIT Press, you can easily do so on their official website. The good news is that they also publish their conference proceedings on their website. This way, anyone who wishes to get access to the proceedings can easily do so and participate in the discourse.


Kim Dao Takes Her Friend Grace to a Cat Cafe

Grace is a rapper from Korea, a mutual friend of Sunnydahye’s who was introduced to Kim Dao. Grace is from Korea and came to Japan five months ago to record an album. Kim Dao and her friend Grace first went shopping for toiletries before heading for the cat cafe.


Inside the cat cafe, there was a board with names and pictures of the cats they had. Kim Dao and her friend had to stow their shoes in a cabinet and put on slippers. There were lockers for Kim Dao and her friend to put their handbags and other processions before going to see the  cats. It costs between 800 yen for a half hour to 2300 yen for two hours to visit with the cats. With the prices, there were some rules: Don’t take flash pictures, don’t pick them up, don’t give them food or drink, and if you inflict injury on the cats, you give the first aid. Kim Dao and her friend only planned to stay for a half hour. The cats were fun to watch and pet. These cafes are for people who would like to own a cat but are too busy for the responsibility. Most of the cats were mixed breeds of various colors. Some cats there were pure breed. There was another board of cat pictures, displaying the ones that won ribbons in cat shows. At the cat cafe, At the cafe, there is a vending machine for cat coin purses for 200 yen.

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Jason Hope; A Firm Believer Of Internet Of Things And Philanthropy

Jason Hope is very passionate about Internet of Things (IoT) and is a commentator and writer on the latest technological trends. IoT is the technology that permits the synchronization of devices using a similar network to share information and minimize waste. Such devices include cars, electronic devices, kitchen appliances and street lights. According to Hope, he believes that IoT will alter business operations and represent the biggest advancement in the technology market. As large enterprises are adopting the technological developments offered by the Internet of Things, others have to keep up too.

As such, Jason Hope believes that in the future all devices will be able to connect to each other. Hope elucidates the example of public transport that has witnessed significant developments by the Internet of Things. This includes efficient monitoring of maintenance concerns for trains and real-time mapping of bus routes to ensure more safety for the passengers. Further advancement of public transport will result in general satisfaction when there is little congestion and ultimately less pollution. Even though many of the examples of IoTs are in urban areas, there are also many benefits that can be witnessed in the countryside as well.

Jason Hope was born in Arizona and was brought up in Tempe. He holds a finance degree from Arizona State University as well as an MBA from ASU’s W.P Carey School of Business. Apart from technology, Jason is a Philanthropist who grants several educational programs in Arizona. Jason believes that everyone deserves an education. Apart from education, Mr. Hope also supports other philanthropic pursuits. For example, he has worked with the Arizona Science Center, the Boys & Girls Club of Metropolitan Phoenix, the Tony Hawk Foundation, the Andre Agassi Foundation, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Desert Mountain States Chapter, and the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation among many others.

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