Squaw Valley Reports Success In Rectifying Water Issues


The Squaw Valley Ski Resort has been extremely open about the issues that have recently been faced with the water quality of a small part of the resort after a major rain event pushed contaminants into four water wells. Squaw Valley Public Relations Director Liesl Kenney recently has been keeping the public, visitors, and local officials updated about the problem that was limited to a small portion of the Upper Mountain of the resort, which does remain open for skiing but has no water supply to make sure all visitors remain as safe as possible throughout their stay at this historic resort.


Placer County in California was the location of a major rain event in November that inundated groundwater wells across the region with contaminated water containing traces of E.Coli and Coliform; Liesl Kenney reports updates to the well water system undertaken in the Summer of 2016 assisted in identifying the water issue through regular testing procedures Squaw Valley maintains at all times. The identification of the contaminants has made it easier for Squaw Valley officials, Placer County Environmental Health Department, and members of the Squaw Valley District to work together to return the water quality to its former safe levels.


Since the identification of the contamination of the portion of the water system serving the destinations of Gold Coast and High Camp Squaw Valley officials have refused to open water supplies until all wells have been restored to safe drinking levels; complimentary bottled water has been made available to those using the slopes of Upper Mountain to make sure the enjoyment of any stay at Squaw Valley remains as impressive as possible.


Officials from Placer County Environmental Health Department have recently stated the level of E.Coli in three of the four contaminated wells has been returned to normal and Coliform levels are being lowered under the plan formulated in association with water experts employed by Squaw Valley to make sure every possible avenue is explored to keep guests safe at all times during their stay.

Vijay Eswaran, a Savvy Businessman

Vijay Eswaran is one of the renowned and successful businessmen located in Malaysia. He was born in 1960 at a place called Penang. Currently, Mr. Eswaran serves as the executive chairman of the prominent QI Group, a company located in Hong Kong, China. Vijay Eswaran studied at the well-known London School of Economics where he managed to graduate in 1984 with a Degree in socio-economics. He then resolved to stay in Europe for one year doing different jobs in the U.K, France and Belgium. While in the United Kingdom, Vijay Eswaran ventured in binary system marketing for some time and later managed to successfully acquire a professional certificate in Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA).

Afterwards, he relocated to America to pursue his Master’s in business administration at the prominent Southern Illinois University. Being a dedicated and committed man, Vijay managed to work while studying and decided to venture in Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). Upon his graduation, Mr. Eswaran moved back to Malaysia where Vijay Eswaran was hired by Cosway’s, an MLM firm. Here he was required to expand all operations of the firm.

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Establishment of QI Group

After serving several high profile jobs in different nations such a stint in IBM, Eswaran decided to start his own company in 1988. He partnered with joseph Bismarck to establish a business venture called QI Group on YouTube. Despite several challenges such as economic crisis, limited connections and capital, QI Group managed to survive. QI Group is a direct selling company that operates in various areas including leisure and lifestyle, education and training, telecommunications and logistics as well as property development and management on philanthropies.org. Within a decade, the firm launched several offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand. Furthermore, it expanded its presence and operations to more than 30 countries with the help of subsidiaries. Under proper direction, QI Group had massive success and was able to raise an estimate of $750 million in revenue.


Being a generous individual, Mr. Eswaran openly shares his extensive knowledge with others. He is one of the most respected lecturers and motivational speakers in the world in various areas ranging from spirituality to business. His audience have included leadership conferences such as Commonwealth business forums and leading universities around the world.

Sweetgreens Concept to See Continued Growth

Over the past few years, one of the fastest growing restaurant chains in the Northeast United States has been Sweetgreens. This chain, which was started just eight years ago, has quickly grown to over 40 locations across the country. While it has grown in popularity, it has very modest roots.


The chain of restaurants was started by three young adults while they were still in school at Georgetown University. The concept was developed when the three young men were discussing the lack of healthy lunch options on or near campus. As the three students were finishing up their education, they were also developing a detailed business plan, which they were able to share with investors and lenders.


Within a few months of graduating, the three entrepreneurs had open their first sweet greens location. The restaurant chain was an instant success with students as well as other people in the Georgetown area. Within a few years, they had expanded to other areas in Washington DC, New York, and Boston. The company is now looking to expand further into California, Chicago, and other major cities across the nation.


The overall concept of the Sweetgreens brand is pretty simple. The company strives to provide its customers with the highest grade produce and protein as possible. Whenever possible, they attempt to purchase directly from local farmers, which helps to ensure that the products they brush and true to the individual locations of each restaurant.


The company also strives to ensure that they have a strong customer focus at all levels of the organization. While the company now has a big corporate presence. All members of the corporate office are required to spend at least five days per year working in one of the restaurants. This helps to ensure they understand the day-to-day operations of the business.


One of the continued leaders of the company has been Nathaniel Ru. He was one of the original three founders of the restaurant chain and has been very involved in the continued growth and development. Ru sees a considerable amount of potential growth in both their restaurants as well as through their online ordering, mobile application, and website.

The Striking CEO Doe Deere

Doe Deere was born in Russia, and raised in New York City. She is the CEO and founder of Lime Crime cosmetics. She wants to prove that make up does more than cover up imperfections on the face. That make up is a way to express yourself. In 2008, she launched her own line of colorful, cruelty-free cosmetics which are all a part of Lime Crime. Its a bold and striking line of cosmetics that do not get tested on animals with many fans. She chose the name of her business based on her favorite color. She always had a dream to develop lipsticks, eyeshadows, and nail polish that would be fresh and brilliant in color. Doe started out very small, but obtained her business on her own terms. She very much so supports other women owned businesses. She speaks about following your ambition and finding your own voice often. She has spoke about that at public events. Two of them being PHAMExpo, and Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour. She enjoys mentoring other females who want to become entrepreneurs. She invites them to contact her on her Instagram for any advice they may need. Her idea for her make up brand started back in her sewing days. She modeled everything herself, and knew she wanted it all to be colorful, which those colors seem to be hard to come by. She launched Lime Crime in 2008. Her days consist of many meetings, or being spend in a lab with a chemist, and answering emails on her iPhone. She insists on trying out her new products herself, and until she comes up with new products, she waits patiently until an idea comes to her. Before she puts anything into production she says that she must live for it, and feel it. Her business was one of the first to strongly focus on e-commerce. Other companies picked up the idea quickly. Today its something that make up companies almost have to have. Her goal is to create the best interactive shopping experience for her customers. She is generally optimistic in approaching people, and business situations which helps her be more productive. If she could start over again from the beginning of it all, she says she would’ve started her business earlier. She had been carrying the idea around for years before actually doing anything with it. She treats her employees, vendors, and partners with love and respect because everyone wants to be appreciated, which is so true! She seems to have come a long way from where she started, and loves what she does!

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The Quincy Is A New Attractive Rental Property In New Brunswick

The Quincy is one of New Brunswick’s newest rental apartment properties. It is found at 120 Nielson Street between Liberty and New Street. There is easy access to public transit directly from the Quincy. You can hop aboard a NJ Transit bus that will take you around the city and to the NJ Transit rail station. From there you can commute with ease to cities such as Newark, New York City, Philadelphia and Jersey City. Restaurants, nightclubs and live entertainment are also close by and many of these venues are within a short walking distance.


Inside the Quincy apartments residents will enjoy real all natural hardwood flowers and gray stone counter tops. Tile will be found in the kitchen and bathroom for practical purposes. All other areas of the unit will feature authentic hardwood floors. Studio, one and two bedroom units are currently available for lease. Residents have the convenience of an indoor car garage and can enjoy a rooftop pool with lounge. An onsite fitness center is also provided for residents and their guests to enjoy. For more info on the Quincy call 732.284.4040.


Pizza Delivery Guy Robbery And Shooting In An Apartment Complex With Regards To The Name, Quincy


A Pizza delivery guy robbery that occurred on November 2012 at Quincy Circle in Dayton, New Jersey has no relation to the Quincy apartment development in New Brunswick. This incident occurred in another town in New Jersey and the perpetrators have since been arrested and jailed.


A shooting at the New Brunswick Apartments, which is in the same city where the Quincy is located, also has nothing to do with the Quincy apartments. This shooting which left a man injured and a suspect on the loose, took place in an apartment complex in a different part of New Brunswick. The Quincy, located on Nielsen Street, has had no such shooting incidents to date.

How Does Mike Baur Manage The Swiss Startup Factory?

Mike Baur runs the Swiss Startup Factory as a funding vehicle for new companies, and he is one of the best leaders in the industry. He helps his clients find the funding they need for their businesses, and he explains how they may construct their businesses. There are leadership principles involved, and this article explains how the Swiss Startup Factory ensures every client is capable of building a business.

#1: The Funding For Each Client

Clients at the Swiss Startup Factory may acquire funding for their businesses at any time, and they are free to ask for funding that helps them achieve heir goals. Mike Baur wants to know what his clients want, and he points them in that direction. His goal is to help clients find a way to make their businesses work, and he does not push them to do anything they do not want to do.

#2: Governance

The governance of every new company must be structured properly for success. These companies are working quite hard to ensure they have the right people around, and they often ask for help from Mike as he helps them build their companies. A brand that has been put together properly will thrive because it has many people working on the board of directors who share the company’s vision. They must select those who will help them meet their needs, and Mike steps in when more people are required. He never involves himself with clients, and he helps them become autonomous for the future.

#3: Planning For The Future

Clients at the Swiss Startup Factory are asked about their long-term goals, and the goals are built into any plans that Mike offers them. He knows they will thrive when they are given the chance to succeed, and he wishes to put them in a place where they will feel comfortable with the choices they have made. The clients are not required to submit plans for funding. Mike simply wishes to hear what the company wants to do in the future to help where he can.

Everyone who comes to the Swiss Startup Factory for assistance will find it useful to use the company for funding and growing. These companies must be prepared for future success by funding themselves with the Swiss Startup Factory. The company helps build clients into a success that may break away and become their own companies with their own ideas.

Giving Back Makes A Difference

The willingness to help others is a direct reflection of a person’s character. Success is defined in many ways. It is often recognized by individual achievements and personal wealth. However, there is great reward in making an effort to have a positive impact on the surrounding environment.

James Dondero is an accomplished businessman who understands that giving back to the community is extremely important. Dondero has been a force in the Dallas area for many years. He has used his personal resources and the leverage of his company to reach out in ways many other organizations will not. Learn more about James Dandero: http://thedallasjournal.org/the-career-achievements-of-james-dondero/

James Donero issued a one million dollar challenge grant in an effort to support The Family Place. The grant is in designed to match any other donation made to the nonprofit organization in an amount up to a million dollars.

The donation will go to an expansion effort to help The Family Place expand its operation. Dondero’s gesture is also a response to a call to action by the mayor of Dallas. The mayor brought attention to the many issues that plague the city. The Highland Dallas Foundation reacted.

Highland Capital Management was co-founded by James Dondero in 1993. The Highland Dallas Foundation is the philanthropic division of the company. The Family Place is a well-established outreach organization. Its facilities assist families in need of shelter. They provide counseling for those who are victims of violence.

There is job placement programs available and limited medical care. The Family Place is looking to broaden its operation in order to assist more individuals. The Highland Dallas Foundation is directly involved in assisting with the evolution of this massive community effort.

James Donero was appointed to the executive board of the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University. Dondero and Highland Capital Management have had a long-standing relationship with the institution. Education is a powerful tool.

Dondero spends much of his time mentoring young business minds. His position with the University will allow him to be a mentor to those who are looking to maximize there own talent and potential. Board members of the Cox School of Business meet on a regular basis and oversee all aspects of a student’s business education.

Tips for Hiring An Event Planner


When you’re planning an important event, it can be overwhelming. There are lots of things to do when it comes to ensuring that potential attendees are properly notified. You’ll also have to choose the right venue, decide on the food that will be provided, and possibly include free or promotional items that will help to drive your business. Of course, events that are personal in nature, such as birthday celebrations and anniversary parties, will also take proper organization to make the event a success.


Be sure to research the event planners that you’re considering. Choose a company who is skilled in the type of event you want to host. It’s also best to choose a local event planner who is familiar with the event area. For instance, event planners in NYC can likely provide the tools you need to hold an event in the city that will attract socialites and community activists who are passionate about bettering the area.


Use professional affiliations to find your event planner as well. Whether your event is social or corporate, ask friends or coworkers for referrals. This will give you more options and make it easier to narrow down your choices, since you’ll be getting recommendations from people you know and trust.


It’s also a good idea to meet the event planner in person and speak with the planner in detail about what you want. You’ll need to discuss your budget, the guest list and everything you want to provide. Ask the event planner about catering options and discuss the venues you’re considering. The right planner will assist you in getting the needs you need and want for a successful event without going over budget.


When it comes to event planning companies in NYC, Twenty Three Layers can provide you with the solutions you need for an event that is both memorable and impressive. The event planning company can help you promote your party or networking event, and can put you in touch with the entertainment and caterers that will bring the event together. Twenty Three Layers also provides sources for lighting and photography so you can capture the moments of the event or utilize the images for marketing purposes. For additional information, visit www.twentythreelayers.com.

Squaw Valley Offers Thrilling Holiday Packages

Services Offered at Squaw Valley
From skiing, riding, lodging, events and exciting activities to participate in, Squaw Valley is the place to be. Squaw Valley is a prominent vacation destination located in a square Valley at Sierra. Its terrain is endless, and most Americans find the exploration exciting as it has 33 lifts including aerial and car cables in the terrain. The beautiful village was constructed with the serene ambiance of the European style featuring shops, restaurants and sports; some of the components skiers find vital when visiting Squaw Valley. The area has boutiques, beauty salons, liquor stores, grocery shops and drug stores for the client’s convenience.

Squaw Valley Water Contaminated
For over decades, the residents of Squaw Valley have had fun in the exciting environment bordering a spring valley that produced clean water for drinking. However, all that changed in October when an unusually stormy rain affected most water systems at Squaw Valley. The adverse weather hit most of the areas in Placer County, leaving most residents affected. Inclusive of the effects is the contamination of the clean water system at High Camp. Although most news reports insinuated that the whole area was affected, Squaw Valley issues a statement do decipher such claims. And the contaminated water was channeled to a particular pipe for wastes.

Squaw Valley Issues Statement
Following a routine standard testing that led to the contamination findings, Squaw Valley contacted Placer County Department of Health and The Public Service for solutions on Wikipedia.org. Through other leading water safety experts, Squaw Valley has taken drastic steps towards the water contamination issue. Although it will take them long to return to their normal water usage, the team commits to solving the water issue on a daily basis until the issue is resolved. Through the health officials, Squaw Valley monitors the water purification process and until then, all customers are served with bottled mineral water. The visitors at High Camp and Gold Coast have full access to other facilities and immediately the water contamination issue is resolved, the administration of Squaw Valley will communicate. Since the rain, the water has been going through consistent treatment for safe human consumption. See: https://weather.com/weather/tenday/l/USCA1090:1:US